What I’m Really Wearing – Winter White

Today kicks off a new monthly blog series called “What I’m Really Wearing”.  In the fashion blog world, I’ve found that a lot of the outfits are more aspirational than inspirational.  I’ve even fallen into the trap of featuring overly styled and accessorized outfits that I wouldn’t wear in real life.  Truth is, I do wear a version of these outfits, just pared down significantly.

That’s what this series is all about – the simplified outfits I’m REALLY wearing to do real life in and you can too.

This month, I’m featuring my winter white cords because they’ve been the one item I’ve reached for in my closet more than any other this winter.

Growing up in the northeast, my winter wardrobe consisted of 50 shades of gray…and black.  Color was almost non-existent.  If you had told me then that winter white and pastels would one day be my winter staples, I never would’ve believed it.  Yet here I am, loving (and living in) my pale pink sweater and winter white pants.






[Sweater:  Same/Pants:  Same/Boots:  Same/Watch:  Same/Necklace:  Similar]

It’s Your Turn:  Have you embraced winter white yet?  If so, how are you pairing it up?




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