Boot Socks Times Two

Last week, a reader e-mailed me a question about boot socks. Usually when one reader is brave enough to ask something, other inquiring minds want to know.

Alison, you mentioned that you wear boot socks a lot in the fall and winter. I love this look but am just not sure how to pull it off. Can you show some ways to wear them with different types of boots? – Jessica

I’d be happy to, Jessica! Boot socks are one of the staples of my fall and winter wardrobe. They add a cozy layer of warmth and a fun and fashionable touch to a lot of different looks. Today’s post features a style remix starring No nonsense Rugged Boot Socks worn two ways.


1. Boot Socks with Ankle Boots

The key here is in the scrunching. Make sure your socks are long enough to be able to scrunch a few inches above the boot without being too bulky.




2. Boot Socks with Riding Boots

Length is key with this look too. You’ll want to choose a sock that’s tall enough to peek out above your riding boot. This look works best with skinny jeans or leggings.




In her e-mail, Jessica also asked me where I buy my boot socks. The pair that I’m wearing for today’s remix is the Rugged Boot Sock from No nonsense. You can get them at the stores we shop at most, including grocery and drug stores, or at The color of these boot socks is very on-trend for fall and goes with so many other autumn hues. No nonsense has several different styles of boot socks including Cable Knit, Sleek, Over the Knee and Fair Isle Boot Socks. I flip for anything Fair Isle!

No nonsense has a lot more to check out than socks to help you look on trend this fall. If you’re looking for something to pair with your tunics, long sweaters and dresses this fall, their collection of new fabrications and patterns including Denim and Ponte Knit Leggings, Sweater Tights and Fashion Tights in bold prints will be perfect.

Visit the No nonsense website and follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter @BeNononsense

It’s Your Turn: What’s your favorite boot socks look – scrunched with ankle boots or peeking out of riding boots? Tell me in the comments for a chance to win a $100 gift card for!

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  1. Shay Shull

    I love those boot socks!! They are really, really perfect worn both ways!

  2. Teresa

    Love the boots with tall boots — peeking above the top is just too cute!

  3. Sheaffer

    I don’t have any boot socks! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I’ve ordered a couple of pairs, but they’ve never been the right height. Need to give these a try for sure!

  4. Kristin

    I have never tried ankle boots with boot socks….love the look! Must try as soon as it cools off!

  5. Heather G

    I like the look with riding boots, BUT that is probably because I don’t have a pair of ankle boots yet, so we will see!!!

  6. Terry

    I’ve never worn boots with the socks pulled up and showing. Looking forward to the fall style challenge and trying new ways to look stylish and not spend a lot of money. So glad I found your blog as I have learned so much in the short week I’ve been following you!

  7. becky

    I love the look of the boot socks with the riding boot. Not brave enough to pull of the other look!!

  8. Carol

    I agree with Becky… I need to try to be braver!

  9. Kim in RI

    I haven’t ventured into the the low boot with skinny anything yet, so I’d say my favorite look are the boot socks peeking out of the high boots. 🙂

  10. Susan Jeffries

    Well I have to admit that I am a sock addict! I love knee high socks! I think I would freeze to death in the winter without them! I have never tried socks with booties! I love the look and plan to copy that this fall! The gift card would be a fabulous way to add some new styles to my collection(: Susan

  11. Penny @ The Comforts of Home

    Love both looks but my favorite is the scrunched one!

  12. Lindsay D.

    I love the boot socks with the riding boots!

  13. Mary

    I didn’t think I’d like them with ankle boots, but I adore that look! This may inspire me to finally get a pair of ankle boots.

  14. kathy

    I love the socks with the riding boots!

  15. janice

    You’ve made it too hard to choose a favorite because I like how you displayed both! Very cute!

  16. Debbie

    Love them peeking out of the riding boots!

  17. Robyn

    I love them scrunched with ankle boots! Absolutely adore the on trend fall color you chose! It goes perfectly with the mustard tights! Can’t wait to recreate this look! Thanks for the style inspiration!


  18. Tara Howes

    Tall boots socks

  19. Saxon

    I love boot socks. I haven’t tried them with my ankle boots yet. I plan to!

  20. Kelly W.

    I always wear boot socks with my tall boots, but they are never long enough to peek out at the top…I have long legs! I will definitely check out the No Nonsense boot socks, thanks for the tips!

  21. Sara

    I love them peeking out of tall boots. I’m not brave enough to try ankle boots with skinny jeans!

  22. Jill

    I love boot socks but have never worn them with booties. Love the look and I definitely need to get a few more pairs!


  23. Suzanne

    This is so cute!

    I’m in Canada so won’t be entered for the draw but I love the samples you’ve shown.


  24. Kim Nations

    I love boot socks. I have Frye’s that look good with them.

  25. Cynthia Yang

    Book socks are a must for colder weather. Love how you styled them here but my favorite way is the one peeking out of the riding boots. Great color combo! ~Cynthia

  26. Leah

    I love the socks with the tall boots the best. I am not brave enough to try tall socks with my booties yet! I will try to pull that off this fall:)

  27. Beth Martin

    The question is: will boot socks be in the challenge?!?! I hope so as I’ve yet to try them on my own!

  28. Charity

    Love boot socks. And, wow! No nonsense has come a long way!

  29. Melissa L.

    My favorite is with the riding boots! Love the green color of yours as well! Thanks for the chance!

  30. Nikki

    I love the look of boot socks worn with knee-high boots, but it’s not something I ever think about wearing for myself! How crazy is that?!? I’m going to remedy this situation STAT.

  31. Donna

    Definitely love the look with the tall boots! Can’t wait for riding boot weather to arrive!!

  32. Amanda Crawford

    I’ve always been afraid to try them, but I might if I can find them locally!

  33. Cheryl

    I love boot socks with riding boots!

  34. Stephanie

    I love the look! But I need to invest in some new boots this year… wish me luck!

  35. Patti

    I love wearing them with riding boots just peaking out. I am going to try the scrunch look with my short boots this fall though!

  36. margaret daneil

    I love them peeking out from riding boots.

  37. Amanda N

    I think I like the riding boots look the best although I do own a lot of short boots!

  38. Sarah C

    This looks great on you. I wonder if it will make my short legs look even shorter? Hmm…will have to play around with it. Thanks for the advice! I WAS one of those wondering about this same thing.

  39. Laura

    Both cute–but love them with tall boots:)

  40. Alina

    The boot socks look fantastic. I will be wearing them this season for sure!

  41. Sean C

    Love both boot styles! They look fantastic.

  42. Clara McCarthy

    I love them peeking out of the top of the tall boots. Super cute. This post is so on time. I just purchased a pair of the socks from Old Navy and wasn’t exactly sure how to wear them. Thanks Alison!

  43. Lori

    I love the look with riding boots!

  44. Rhoda

    Thanks for the idea for the ankle boot with socks. They make the ankle boots more appealing for me.

  45. Karen Spencer

    I’ve never tried boot socks before, but will now! I like both looks, think I’ll try them scrunched with ankle boots first :).

  46. Mary

    I love the boot sock look, but I have always been apprehensive about trying it out myself. I think though I might give it a go! I have been inspired!

  47. Shybiker

    Smart tips. This is one of those small things that seem easy but aren’t until someone clues you in. I love your advice.

  48. Mikaela Clark

    I like both sock styles however I think most people can easily master the riding boot look and but too often the ankle boot look ends up being an 80’s throw back! Be very careful of the sock choice, lol!

  49. Nikki

    I can’t seem to get on board with booties, so I’d go with boot socks for riding boots or rain boots.

  50. Jenesse Kaitz

    I love the ankle boots with socks!

  51. Stephanie

    I love tall boots with socks peeking out the top but I’m going to try bunched up socks with my ankle boots this fall for something different!

  52. Terri

    I like the socks both ways. The scrunched socks remind me of my college days in the 80s! 🙂

  53. Andrea Darst

    I like them with riding boots!

  54. Ann

    I wear boot socks with my knee boots. I may try to wear them with ankle boots but at 64 it might look too young.

  55. Colleen Boudreau

    Peeking out of riding boots.

  56. Natalie

    I love to wear boot socks where they are peaking out of riding boots. It makes me look taller!

  57. heather

    My favorite way to wear my boot socks are peeking over the top of my riding boots and over my black leggings.



  59. Ashley H

    I like them peeking out of riding boots.

  60. Kelly D

    I think boot socks peeking out of riding boots always looks cute.

  61. Kristen

    I like the scrunched with ankle boots look.

  62. Susan Smith

    I love the look of the boot socks with the riding boot

  63. rachel

    Peeking out of knee high boots! Plus, those are just so warm. 🙂

  64. Chris

    I usually prefer the look of socks peeking out of the top of riding boots, but I’m absolutely in love with your sweater dress, tights and socks with low boots so I’d like to give that a try sometime soon!

  65. Brenda T.

    I LOVE the look of them peeking over riding boots! So nice a warm for fall and winter!!

  66. jeannine s

    I like the socks peeking out a bit from boots look

  67. Dacia Dale

    I super love the peeking out of boots socks look

  68. Erika

    I’m just starting to wear ankle boots, and I love the way those look with them.


  69. Natalie J Vandenberghe

    I prefer the scrunched with ankle boots look!

  70. OFG

    I love the scrunched look!

  71. Deb E

    I have tons of No Nonsense products and just love to see what new things they come up with. It’s been so hot here in L.A. but when it cools off I want to wear a scrunched boot sock with my mid calf length boots.

  72. Rebecca

    I like them peeking out of the top of the boots!

  73. Chris

    I always wear No nonsence ankle socks. I just got some ankle boots so I’m going to get the boot socks. I love the scrunchy look.

  74. Pam

    I love this look with tall or short boots! Can’t wait to try….I’m 51 but I want to think I can still pull this look off! Lol

    • Alison

      You can pull it off Pam!

  75. Brittany C

    I love the tall boot look the best! But would love to try it with the short boots also!

  76. Gina M

    I love to see them peeking out of a riding boot!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  77. Gina M



    My favorite is definitely something like the Cable Sweater tights and I would style them with a pair of boots, sweater dress and a nice cardigan

  79. Nicole

    My favorite boot socks look is actually both, I love the scrunched with ankle boots look and the peeking out of riding boots, both a are awesome ways to style it.

  80. Kerry

    How cute! My style is the riding boot more….but I love them both!


    I like them peeking out of riding boots! and they are so warm!

  82. shelly peterson

    I like both styles but would choose peeking out of riding boots.
    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  83. Shannon

    I love them with riding boots! And I love the boots in the pic! Great look!

  84. Michelle Washburn

    Thanks for this post. I’m always looking for ways to wear my boots, I love wearing boots and love tights! The Style Remix board has some great looks I plan on trying and liking

  85. Erica Best

    i love the Boot Socks with Ankle Boots look best

  86. Becky

    I prefer the socks peeking above the riding boots…Nice!

  87. Sonya Morris

    Both are cute but I really like them with the ankle boots.

  88. Janice Cooper

    I’ve never worn boot socks, but I would like to wear them with ankle boots

  89. Betty C

    I like the scrunched with ankle boots look.

  90. Debbie B

    i like the scrunched look with ankle boots

  91. LaTanya

    peeking out with boots

  92. Rebecca Graham

    I like scrunched with ankle boots.

  93. mary

    They look cute., but do tight socks around the calves drive anyone else nuts? Physically, I mean.

  94. Tabathia B

    scrunched with ankle boots

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  95. Victoria Russell

    Ok – confession – I love this boot sock look but I’ve always been too nervous to try it! I’m going to this year! Love hoiw they look out of riding boots!

  96. Cynthia

    Poking out the top of tall boots is my favorite but that may be because I don’t have any booties to try the other style…

    • Alison

      I love that style!


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