Fall 2016 Juniors’ Back to School Mini Capsule


A few weeks back I promised you a mini-capsule wardrobe just for your teens and college-aged girls.  This time of the year can be very stressful. (Hello, college move-in day?) So why not make it a little easier with a functional fall wardrobe that makes getting dressed every day one less thing to worry about!

The Fall 2016 Juniors Back to School Mini-Capsule has 14 days of outfit ideas just for juniors sizes 3-13.  It has all the latest fall 2016 trends with some classic pieces you’ll love and some edgier styles she’ll love!

So, how does a mini-capsule differ from a full seasonal GYPO Style Challenge?  First and foremost, it’s at a lower price point.  You’ll still get most of the features you love from a regular style challenge but mini-capsules are only $19.  The biggest differences are that there are fewer outfits in the mini-capsule and no Facebook group.  You’ll still access mini-capsules through the GYPO Style Challenge membership site and get the shopping list and a beautiful PDF of outfit ideas that she can hang in her closet (or download to her iPhone) for weeks of outfit inspiration!

Juniors Back to School Shopping List

From one mom to another, to make your back to school shopping as easy as possible, I’m giving you the shopping list for the Fall 2016 Juniors Mini-Capsule for FREE.

Just download it, print it off and knock out your back to school shopping.  Click the image below to download it now.

Shopping List PDF


Be sure to read all the way to the bottom of this post to see how to get 14 days worth of outfit ideas made from the pieces on this list for only $19.

College Capsule Wardrobe

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 9.58.39 AM


1. Flannel Knit Shirt

Option #1/Option #2/Option #3

2. Graphic Tee

Option #1/Option #2/Option #3

3. Pullover Sweater

Option #1/Option #2/Option #3

4. Striped Sweater

Option #1/Option #2/Option #3

5. White Collared Shirt

Option #1/Option #2/Option #3


1. Black Jacket

Option #1/Option #2/Option #3

2. Utility Jacket

Option #1/Option #2/Option #3


1. Black Skinny Jeans

Option #1/Option #2/Option #3

2. Heather Gray Joggers

Option #1/Option #2/Option #3

3. Black Skinny Jeans

Option #1/Option #2/Option #3

4. Denim Skirt

Option #1/Option #2/Option #3


1. Ankle Booties

Option #1/Option #2/Option #3

2. Lace Up Flats

Option #1/Option #2/Option #3

3. Rain Boots

Option #1/Option #2/Option #3

4. Sneakers

Option #1/Option #2/Option #3


1. Backpack

Option #1/Option #2/Option #3

2. Bandana Scarf

Option #1/Option #2/Option #3

3. Leather Cross Body Bag

Option #1/Option #2/Option #3

4. Necklace

Option #1/Option #2/Option #3

Get the Outfits for Just $19!

If you love the pieces on this shopping list, I’ve put together 14 days of outfits – nearly three school weeks’ worth –  created from these items.  You’ll get a printable PDF that your daughter can hang up in her closet so she knows what to wear every day. You can even help her lay out her outfits the night before.  Drama free mornings for just $19, now that’s priceless!

Click the image below to get access to all 14 outfits immediately for only $19.

Daily Outfits PDF


Please note:  Due to receiving all materials immediately upon sign up, refunds are not available.




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