Fall In Love With Layers

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One of my favorite things about fall, aside from the fall scented candles, are the layers. I love adding layers to my outfits and this time of year there are so many options to choose from. Since it’s not truly cold, at least for me yet, I’ll wait until we get a little closer to winter to add in the scarves and hats so for now, I’m going to focus on toppers. Some of my favorite toppers include closet staples like the denim jacket, the utility jacket, and the vest. Even though those three items seem pretty straightforward, there are enough differences in each to justify having a few different versions if you want.

When it comes to a denim jacket and versatility I always recommend a medium wash. I promise you’ll get the most bang for your buck with that wash. As for a great utility jacket, the standard color is olive green because it goes with everything however gray and brown are also wonderful options. Now we have the vest where the options are aplenty! You’ve got every color imaginable plus there are puffer vests, lightweight fleece vests, quilted vests, and more. My suggestion is to pick what will work best for your lifestyle. You can definitely have fun with color on this one so pick one that makes you glow!

Layering Trends

Now, if you want to incorporate some trends this fall, the shirt-jacket, or shacket as it’s sometimes called, is very on-trend. This is an item I wouldn’t break the budget on just because it is considered a fall trend and you never know how long they are going to stick around. The last layer I’m styling today is the blazer. While the boyfriend-style blazer is specifically on-trend, the blazer is a classic that you can wear year after year. Okay I lied, I’m also styling a tried and true classic, the cardigan.

It’s true, there are so many fun options for fall it’s hard to decide. Recently I partnered up with Walmart to check out some of the new items they have out this season and they have some great layering pieces. Below I’ve put together three different fall looks and the only you need to decide is ‘this or that.’ Realistically all the layers are pretty interchangeable which makes them all very versatile and the perfect addition to your closet if you don’t have them in there already.

Utility Jacket OR Denim Jacket + Printed Dress + Brown Shoes

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Fall Colored Cardigan OR Solid Vest + Solid Top + Light Wash Jeans + Taupe Shoes

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Solid Blazer OR Solid Shacket + Printed Top + Black Bottoms + Black Shoes

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Your turn! What is your favorite fall layer? Is it this or that?

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