Pretty Fix – 90s Remix

Time has taught us that when it comes to fashion and trends, what was once old is now new again. This fall is no exception. To say this month’s Pretty Fix is not a little grunge-inspired would be a lie but it does have a sophisticated twist. That sophisticated twist is pairing this look with my newly acquired white ankle boots. Now before you dismiss white boots and possibly, but hopefully not, stop reading this post, I urge you to scroll down and have a look for yourself. White boots were way out of my comfort zone as I’m sure they are for a lot of people, but they have been so much fun to pair up this fall. If fun white boots aren’t going to be your takeaway from this blog, then you’ll still be able to use the Outfit Formula to make this look all your own.

So just what is the Pretty Fix? It’s where a style a look that contains classic closet staple items sprinkled with a few trends. The trend pieces are an easy way to update your closet for the season or you can even skip them altogether. With Outfit Formulas® you’re able to easily sub in classic pieces for the trends or just pick the trends you want to add. For this particular look, I kept it classic using black and white then added a pop of color with the handbag choice. I always recommend shopping your closet first to see what you already have, but if you have any gaps, I also provide options to help you shop. Now let’s check out this month’s Pretty Fix!

Plaid Button-Down + Solid Top + Black Bottoms + White Shoes

1. Plaid Button-Down

Oh, the plaid button-down. It’s truly a classic but its silhouette can change how we style this item. This fall the trend is more of a slightly boyfriend cut button-down that is reminiscent of 90s grunge but with a lot less headbanging. I kept this look classic by opting for a black and white plaid but any color combination will work. Another variation of the plaid button-down I’m seeing is a shirt-jacket also known as a shacket which is a little heavier. While you want this shirt to look more relaxed you also don’t want it to swallow you up. There is such a thing as too big. Also, if this oversized look is not for you, then simply opt for a more fitted plaid button-down that has a shorter hem making it easier to do a whole or half tuck.

2. Black Top

No matter what style you pick, v-neck, tank, or long sleeve, a black top is a year-round closet staple. I recently found this one from Amazon and I love it! It comes in a variety of colors and allows me to add some layers and feel like it’s fall. In order for this look to not feel frumpy, you need to select a black top that is a little more fitted or one that you can do a full tuck or half tuck with. This will help balance out the fullness of the plaid button-down to create a more polished look.

3. Black Bottoms

I don’t think black jeans get enough credit. They are super versatile and the washes can vary from true black to washed out black which almost looks gray. For this look though you can style with the black denim as I have or you can swap in some black leggings for an ultra-comfortable, ultra-casual look that still looks polished. If you want to try something even more out of the box, opt for a black skirt or even a solid black dress and use the plaid shirt as a topper and stick with the white shoes. Don’t forget with Outfit Formulas® we give you a guide but there’s enough flexibility that you’re able to make it your own.

4. White Shoes

While any white shoe or even white sneakers will work with this look I found a really cute pair of white/offwhite boots and I’m having so much fun styling them! I know what you’re thinking, white boots, really? They may seem like a retro blast from the past but it’s all in how you style them. They go with a lot more than you think! For more inspiration head over to Pinterest then you can decide if this is something you want to add to your closet this fall.

5. Backpack Handbag

Large totes and backpack handbags are really on-trend this fall. What I love about them is they are pretty practical especially if you are someone who carries a lot of stuff. That being said, they are also stylish. They come in all different sizes and the deep fall colors and rich cognac browns will go with everything in your fall wardrobe and even carry you into the winter. If you’re not quite sure about this trend then opt for a backpack that also has a short strap or crossbody strap option. That way you have the option of wearing it a few different ways.

6. Wrap or Stacked Bracelets

Whether you choose a wrap bracelet or mixing and matching some of your favorites, having a few bracelets on your wrist is on-trend this season. I love picking out a few and putting them together to create different looks but for a quick chunk of ‘wrist candy,’ I opt for my favorite wrap bracelets. They are quick and easy and make a big statement. That being said, don’t think that stacked bracelets have to be big, bulky, and chunky. You can totally add some small, more minimalistic bracelets if that’s more your style. Click here to see more fall accessory trends!

7. Square/Rectangle Hoop Earrings

As you know hoop earrings are a classic and something I wear pretty much all the time. They’re my go-to earrings. This season however I’m giving square/rectangle hoop earrings a try and I am loving them. They are the perfect mix of classic and trend and just like my circle hoops, they go with everything. Plus they are a fun tie-in to the chain-link trend. And there’s are many different styles available, gold, silver, thick, thin, big, small, and even ones with little embellishments on them.

Your turn! What item is your favorite? Will you be trying some White Boots This Fall?