Find your most flattering colors

Are you a summer or a winter? Cool or warm? Or maybe even a neutral? If you’re scratching your head right now you’re not alone. Color is all around us and picking the ‘right’ colors that coordinate with our own natural coloring can be a daunting task. There are many factors to consider and sometimes we don’t fit neatly into one defined category which is totally okay. However color does play a huge role in curating a closet that we love just as much as fit and feel does. The right colors can make us glow and look vibrant while the ‘wrong’ colors can leave us looking washed out and tired. I don’t know about you but I will take all the help I can get when it comes to looking refreshed and more awake. And since I am no expert when it comes to color analysis, I decided to partner up with someone who is to bring you a GYPO exclusive Color Analysis Masterclass with Shannon Manion founder of Color Curate.

Who is Shannon?

Shannon is a certified color analyst who completed her training at the Image & Color Institute International. She is a color and style consultant who is passionate about helping others curate their best image by understanding their own unique coloring. She believes every person deserves to feel great about themselves, like what they see each day in the mirror, and walk into any room with confidence. Our coloring is not a mistake. Nature doesn’t get it wrong. When we embrace our natural coloring – by repeating and complementing it in what we wear – we can create visual harmony.

What Will I learn in the class?

Through helpful illustrations, Shannon will explain the four-color seasons and how they are further divided into twelve sub-seasons, as well as the three elements that are used to determine your color season. As you watch the video you can follow along with your printable worksheet. Once you discover your own color season you can check out the color palette resource guide which includes the best colors and neutrals for all twelve sub-seasons. Shannon will also explain how to incorporate your best colors into your Outfit Formulas® capsule wardrobe every season!

How much Does it Cost?

The Color Analysis Masterclass is available for only $39.

What Does The Class Include?

1. Master Class Color Analysis Video

This video masterclass covers the why, how, and application of color analysis. Shannon will discuss the basics of color analysis, the process of determining your own season, and how to apply that information to your own wardrobe.

2. Color Analysis Worksheet

This downloadable worksheet alongside the masterclass video will help you assess your skin tone, value, and color quality. This information will help you to determine your color season.

3. Color Palette Guide

After determining your season, this downloadable color palette guide will help you to discover the best colors and neutrals for your season.

What are you waiting for?

Learn the secrets to wearing colors that harmonize with your skin tone, makes your skin look brighter, your eyes clearer, and your smile appear whiter. Enhance your natural beauty by dressing in colors that allow you to shine in, rather than compete with, the clothes you wear. The Color Analysis Masterclass will take you through the basics of color analysis, the process of discovering your season, and teach you how to apply that information to your entire wardrobe!

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