Pretty Fix – Overalls

It’s Pretty Fix time and this month I’m diving into one of this season’s polarizing trends, overalls. Love ’em or not, overalls are everywhere this spring. They are like a fun cross between jeans and a romper and whether you’ve worn them before or this is your first time exploring this trend, they are actually pretty comfortable. And just like jeans, they pretty much go with everything. Plus they come in a variety of washes, cuts, and lengths giving you plenty of options. I will, however, be the first to admit that even though I have done this trend before, it did push me a bit outside my comfort zone but that’s okay. I always encourage you all to try new things. Don’t knock it till you try it because you just may surprise yourself. That being said I’m also featuring another trend on this month’s Pretty Fix and they are high tops. I know, I know, what are we, back in the 80s? But retailers are putting a fun and almost sophisticated spin on these comfy classics by introducing them in leopard print, with metallic accents, and even snake print. The high tops I’m seeing have been updated for the times and you never know, they may be finding their way into your closet this spring.

If you are already familiar with what the Pretty Fix is, then feel free to skip down to this month’s formula but if you’re new here let me tell you what the Pretty Fix is all about. It’s where I offer up an outfit formula that features a few seasonal trends that you can easily add into your closet staples to give them a fresh look. By using a formula you’re able to adjust it to fit your lifestyle, budget, climate, and personal style to create a look you love. While I know this month’s look will be a heck yes for some and a heck no for others, it’s still easily adaptable. Simply swap out the overalls for a pair of skinny or even crop jeans and stick with the high tops or opt for a low sneaker instead. I promise there’s a little something for everyone.

Utility Jacket + Bright Top + Overalls + High or low top Sneaker 

1. Utility Jacket

The perfect spring layer for those days that start out with winter temps and end up at summer temps around mid afternoon. While a neutral olive green is styled in this look you can easily swap it out for another neutral such as gray or camel. For longterm wear it’s best to go with a classic silhouette but that doesn’t mean you can’t opt for one with a hood or even a draw string you can cinch in to create a more defined waistline. You really can’t go wrong with adding this casual closet staple to your arsenal, plus it’s perfect for fall.

2. Overalls

The key to wearing overalls is similar to joggers, you don’t want them too tight but you also don’t want them too loose. There are some great relaxed or boyfriend cut overalls but again the focus is on fit. Opting for ones that also have a little stretch in them is never a bad idea. Plus you can mix it up by opting for a different wash or even overall shorts. I always suggest that even if they don’t make it past the dressing room or are now awaiting a UPS pickup to be returned, at least you gave them a try. In that case simply swap out for a pair of jeans, crops, or shorts for a complete look.

3. High or low Top Sneakers

Yes, I know, here is the second spring trend I’m throwing your way but again, it’s fun, casual, and always age-appropriate as long as they make you feel good! (This same statement goes for the overalls too) From simple solids to fun accents, high tops are everywhere this spring. I’m seeing them paired up with skinny jeans, rolled crops, and even shorts. Have fun with this trend and find ones that fit your personality and style. I’m pretty sure these leopard print high-tops will be finding their way to my closet very shortly.

4. Neutral Crossbody

Now we’re back to the classics. During the spring and summer months I find that I like to stay more casual and have my hands free as well which is why I love the crossbody style hand bag. When I saw this handbag I knew it was the perfect one to finish off this outfit formula. It’s not too big but not too small that I can’t fit the essentials in it. Plus it will pair with everything. Easily pair this up with some shorts and a bright tee in the summer and finish off with some bangle bracelets and metallic sandals. I love pieces I can enjoy for multiple seasons, don’t you?

5. Bright Top

Spring to me is all about color! Like the beautiful flowers of spring, I love it when the pastels and vibrant colors start popping up at various retailers. For this look, you can easily opt for a bright tank, short sleeve, or even a long sleeve if your climate is still a bit chilly. For those of you who recently welcomed a dumping of snow, I may even recommend a bright sweater for under your overalls. Again the key to keeping this look from feeling sloppy is fit. Look for a top that’s a little more fitted and long enough that you can successfully keep it tucked into your overalls unless you want to go for the cropped look which is also very on-trend this spring. As I said above, it’s all age-appropriate as long as you love what you’re wearing and the way you feel when you’re wearing it.

6. Hoop Earring

Classic, timeless and it’s okay to have multiple styles, sizes, and metals when it comes to your hoop earrings. This look already has a lot of great visual interest I decided to keep the jewelry simple. You can even opt for a pair of stud earrings to simplify it even more. Also, don’t be afraid to mix metals. just because the buttons and snaps on your overalls are one color does not mean you need to match it to your jewelry. Have fun and mix it up!

Your turn! Will you give overalls a try this spring?