Five 2021 Summer Outfit Formulas®

Who’s ready for summer? I am, well, now I am with these easy summer outfit formulas®. Last summer, as we were headed into the unknown, it was hard to get motivated, hard to get dressed and I for one really didn’t add much to my closet because I wasn’t leaving my house. However, this summer I feel brings new hope as things are opening up and people are getting back out. Typically I only add a few pieces to help freshen things up because I have such a great foundation of closet staples. This summer though, there were so many fun pieces that were hard to resist and to be honest, I think I was making up for last year. That’s why I decided to up my closet game and add some colorful and fun new pieces to my summer capsule wardrobe.

Now to pair up all these cute new pieces. Although I may have added a bit more than I planned on that doesn’t mean I went rogue. I still added pieces that are versatile and fairly timeless. They can be paired up in so many ways and even though summer is just beginning, I’ve already worn some items numerous times. And to help you with your style I’ve included five summer Outfit Formulas® below plus you can download my free guide HERE. The best thing about using the outfit formulas® is that like me, you may have many of these closet staples already on hand but if you have any gaps, you can shop where you want and with whatever budget you want! All the looks featured below are just a small part of this year’s Outfit Formulas® Summer 2021 Capsule Wardrobe which is currently available. Now let’s get started!

Outfit Formula #1

Denim Jacket + White Top + Bright Bottoms + Colorful Shoes

I’m wearing pretty much everything from above. My denim jacket has been one of my closet staples for years but it’s still from J.Crew Factory like the one above and my green shorts are also from J.Crew Factory. I bought them a few years ago but they are still available. This is a great summer outfit with some pops of color. The best part is the shirt and jacket are a neutral meaning you can pick whatever color shorts you want!

Outfit Formula #2

Gingham Top + Denim Bottoms + White Sneakers

The only thing closet shopped for this look are my white Keds sneakers and everything else is from above. I love the classic and timeless look of a gingham print and this sleeveless shirt is the perfect addition to my closet. My shorts are from H&M and here is another similar pair.

Outfit Formula #3

Denim Jacket + Solid Top 2 + White Bottoms + Colorful Shoes

I love mixing my denim jacket with something super soft and unexpected. Last spring I paired up a light pink long pleated skirt and this spring it’s this fabulous white eyelet skirt. The pink top is from my closet but any solid top will work with this neutral base.

Outfit Formula #4

Chambray Top + Printed Dress + White Sneakers

I’m wearing everything pictured above except for my white Keds sneakers. I can’t tell you enough how much I love this dress! It’s so comfortable and I even wore it for my daughter’s graduation party. Paired with some white sneakers, it’s the perfect casual outfit yet a simple swap to some heels and you instantly have a look perfect for date night!

Outfit Formula #5

Black Top + Khaki Bottoms + Raffia Shoes

I think this is one of my favorite looks, and yes I know I say that a lot but this one is very classic yet very comfortable. I’m wearing everything pictured above except for my black ruffled sleeve top. The khaki linen shorts surprised me the most. They are oh so comfortable and even though they are a looser fitting short, they still look classy and sophisticated. Plus the raffia slides add some cute detail.

Your turn! Which outfit formula are you excited to rock this summer?

Outfit Formulas® Summer 2021 Capsule Wardrobe

The Outfit Formulas® Summer 2021 Capsule Wardrobe guide includes 33 days of casual outfit ideas with “dress it up” and “dress it down” tips so that these looks work for every lifestyle! You also get a shopping list of easy, low cost essentials that are already on trend today, including accessories!



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