Five Stylish Prints for Winter

Pattern and prints are everywhere this season and I love how they can easily add interest to any outfit whether you use them in an accent piece like a scarf, belt, or even your handbag or a statement piece like a sweater, a coat, or even a poncho. You all know I’m a HUGE fan of leopard but this time of year I love incorporating a variety of patterns. The best thing about these patterns is that they are timeless. While they may have their seasons where they trend more than others, they will never go out of style. I promise you can’t go wrong adding them to your closet. Below are some of the fabulous prints I’m currently loving. Yes, I know, I know I didn’t include stripes in this list and yes I am feeling alright. Stripes are a staple that I enjoy all year round so don’t worry, they will be making their appearance but for this list, I wanted to stick to some fun winter favorites but feel free to throw in your stripes as much as you want.

1. Black Watch Plaid

Old Navy Black Watch Plaid High Waisted Pants

Black watch plaid is a particular plaid that combines dark blue, black, and a forest green color. I love this timeless plaid and although I’m not really a dress person, I found a sheath dress in this pattern last year and it became one of my go-to pieces.

2. Leopard

Lucky Brand Baley2 Leopard Print Suede Slip-On Block Heel Ankle Booties

Say it with me, ‘Leopard is a neutral!’ It goes with everything and although I do enjoy this print all year long, it tends to go with more things in the winter season. There’s just something warm and cozy about leopard. It’s the perfect added detail to your outfit as a belt or maybe a great pair of ankle boots but don’t be afraid to rock some leopard as a cozy cardigan. There are tons of variations with this print so if you’re still not sure about wearing it, work your way in slowly by opting for one that’s a lighter print or a smaller print to keep it from feeling overwhelming.

3. Buffalo Check

Target’s Universal Thread Buffalo Check Tunic

To me, buffalo check screams the winter season! This pattern is characterized by its larger crisscross of two colors, originally black and red but recently white and black have also become very popular. The buffalo check first made it’s debut back in 1850 and it’s still going strong which means I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. Not only is this another great, cozy print, but I also think it’s very festive which is perfect for me considering I’m already in the Christmas mood and enjoying my Christmas trees.

4. Houndstooth

Loft Houndstooth Sweater

Houndstooth is another one of those classic patterns. This pattern is primarily found in black and white, however sometimes I’ve seen it in pink and black as well as other color combinations. I love this abstract black and white pattern and it’s a crisp clean look. It also goes with everything and this pattern comes in a variety of sizes. This print would look amazing as a sweater, a scarf, or even a gorgeous peacoat.

5. Plaid

Target’s Universal Thread Flannel Plaid Button-Down

Okay, I know what I said about the buffalo check but I’d have to say plaid is right up there too with being both a winter staple and a festive holiday print. This is an extremely versatile because it comes in so many size prints and so many color combinations. The hardest part is picking just one.

Bonus: Jacquard

Ann Taylor Jacquard Pintucked Dress

So what actually is jacquard? It’s a fabric that has a woven pattern in it and that pattern is typically raised to add some great texture. The pattern itself can take on many variations including an animal print, floral I’m seeing lots of jacquard items this season so I decided to throw this one into the mix as well. Did you know that fair isle sweaters are a type of jacquard? So if you happen to already have a fair isle sweater in your closet, now is the time to break it out!

Your turn! Do you already have some of these prints in your closet? What print is your favorite?