What the Pretties and I are Wearing for Thanksgiving

While my Thanksgivings past have been pretty epic celebrations with our extended family involving two turkeys and enough stuffing and pumpkin pies for a small army, this year things are considerably different. It’s the first year in the past 20 or so that we won’t be celebrating with a huge meal with our extended family. While this makes me really sad, I’m also looking forward to a more intimate gathering and a LOT less cooking and baking!

Since things will be way more laid back this year (let’s be honest, I might do my cooking in jammies) but I’m going to go a little dressier with my dinner outfit. Let’s face it, I don’t get a lot of opportunities to dress up these days and I want to do something that makes the day feel a little more special!

I ordered this cranberry ribbed wrap dress a few weeks ago and knew the minute I tried it on it was THE ONE. The color screams Thanksgiving and it will double as a Christmas dress too! I added my leopard shoes for this easy outfit formula, done and done!

Solid Color Dress + Leopard Shoes

Since Thanksgiving is so different for everyone, I was very curious to see what outfit combinations the Pretties were styling for this holiday. I asked and they responded! I loved reading the formulas they were using, if they closet shopped or bought something new, and of course, since it’s Thanksgiving, what they were thankful for. Below are their responses along with their fabulous photos.

Pretty #1 – Lisa G

Plaid Top + Black Top + Black Bottoms + Black Loafers + Statement Necklace

Lisa’s outfit formula is a mix of closet shopped and new items. While her plaid shirt and black pants from C&B are new the rest is closet shopped. She loves this look because she can wear comfortable clothes but still look very put together and stylish. She’s also very thankful for her family’s health! Especially in 2020.

Pretty #2 – Lisa B

Cardigan + Solid Color Top + Dark Wash Jeans + Leopard Booties

Lisa was very excited to be able to fully closet shop to style her outfit, but her favorite part of her look is the color. It just makes her feel happy and with the addition of the cardigan, she can be cozy too! Despite all the craziness that has been 2020, she is grateful that it’s helped her family become closer.

Pretty #3 – Anne

Moto Jacket + Graphic Tee + Leopard Bottom + Sneakers

Anne was able to closet shop her leopard print skirt and moto jacket then added in her graphic tee from Jane and her golden goose dupes, her black glitter, and white sneakers, from Glitter Lily. Her favorite part of her look? Her fantastic and playful graphic tee! Anne is also very thankful that her family is healthy this year.

Pretty #4 – Christina

Solid Color Dress + Neutral Cognac Boots

Christina is in love with her head to toe new look! Her cream, puff sleeve sweater dress is by A New Day, and her tall, Marlee heeled knee-high, cognac boots are by Universal Thread, both from Target. She loves her Thanksgiving Day look because it’s comfy, warm, and easy! Christina is very thankful for her health, steady employment, and her family.

Pretty #5 – Ameetha

Printed Scarf + Solid Color Sweater + Striped Button-Down + Wide Leg Faux Leather Bottoms + Black Boots

Ameetha got her Thanksgiving Day style inspiration from a combination of various winter Outfit Formulas™ over the last few years. She was able to closet shop her striped button-down shirt, mustard sweater, black boots, and printed scarf but then recently added in the brown, wide leg, faux leather pants from Lulus. Her favorite thing about her look was mixing prints and feeling totally unique! Looking on the bright side of things, Ameetha has decided to be thankful for the much-needed break that was a result of the pandemic and feels that’s been a privilege for her.

Pretty #6 – Gina

Fall Color Cardigan + Solid Color Top + Olive Bottoms + Leopard Booties

Gina also loved that she was able to closet shop when putting together her fabulous Thanksgiving Day look. She did decide to make one more addition and she can’t wait for her new Alison + Aubrey brown crystal and leather wrap bracelet to come in the mail! Gina is very thankful that her family is healthy and that she and her husband continue to be employed.

Pretty #7 – Claire

Neutral Sweater + Dark Wash Jeans + Leopard Flats

Claire gathered her inspiration for her Thanksgiving Day look from the Outfit Formulas™ Body Shape Capsule. She was excited to closet shop her dark wash jeans and leopard print flats and then finished it off with a lovely wrap sweater from Amazon. She loves that her look is able to emphasize her waist but is very comfortable. Claire is very thankful for the health of her family, specifically her grandmother who just turned 109!

A HUGE thank you to all the Pretties who shared their Thanksgiving Day looks with us! You all look amazing and your glowing smiles are contagious!

Your turn! What are you wearing for Thanksgiving this year? Are you keeping it super casual? Dressing up? Or somewhere in the middle?