For the Guys: Spring “Handsome” Fix

All the ladies have been elevating our style with the help of the monthly Pretty Fix and the Style Challenges, but what do we do about the men in our lives?  As a personal stylist for J. Hilburn Men’s Clothing, I work with guys to help them build a wardrobe of clothing that works together.  Let me tell you, I think dressing men is so much easier than what we have to deal with as women!  For men, styles don’t change dramatically, so they can use the same sportcoat/shoes/shirt/insert other clothing item here for YEARS!  However, a few seasonal updates can definitely make their wardrobe more fun and keep them on trend.

As a stylist with J. Hilburn, we specialize in luxury, custom made clothing that fits to the guy’s measurements, but I have included a lot of options from other retailers for all price ranges.  I have personally found that investing in good quality men’s clothing makes sense, since men usually shop much less frequently than women and keep their clothing much longer.

Here is my Spring “handsome fix” for the guys.  Whether it is your husband, son, or dad who needs a style upgrade, here are five pieces for Spring that will update his wardrobe and help him keep up with your great new looks. All of the Spring update items listed below will stay in style for quite awhile and are versatile enough to go with lots of other items in his closet.  With Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s a great time to give the men in our lives a little style love.

1. Brighter Blue Sportcoat

Most men have a standard navy blue sportcoat, but a brighter shade of blue is THE trend in menswear this year.  It may scare some men at first, but it’s very versatile and wearable.  It will go with most things in their closet — think khaki pants, charcoal pants, and denim.  A sportcoat is my favorite way to “dress up” an outfit and look put together.  A sportcoat and jeans is my favorite date night look!

Options 1/2/3


*Bonus – get the full brighter blue suit and triple his outfit options.  He’ll have a full suit to wear plus trousers to wear separately with his Spring shirts.

2. White “Updated” Oxford Shirt or White Linen Shirt

This is not your standard white dress shirt.  I love an option with khaki sport buttons and a more relaxed wash.  This will go with the above blue sportcoat but looks equally great with shorts or khaki pants.  This updated oxford is the Spring workhorse.

Options 1/2/3

3. 5 Pocket Pants

These are the perfect pant when your guy is not sure what to wear.  Not quite jeans but not quite a chino, these pants can go almost anywhere this Spring. Play it safe with a khaki color, but I love a pop of color — safari green, light blue, or gray!

Options 1/2/3

4. Suede Oxford Shoes

Suede oxfords make my heart skip a beat.  They are the finishing touch that shows a man’s style. Suede is definitely year round footwear these days.  These can dress up a jeans and button down shirt.  Wear them with a suit to make it feel less stuffy.  The hardest part is deciding which color to pick.  I’m partial to the gray suede.  Don’t forget a matching belt (a man “style rule”… shoes should match belt!).

Options 1/2/3

5. Spring Pocket Tee

Put away the old college T-shirts (wait, is my husband the only person who still wears these?)  A classic, pocket Tee in a fun Spring color looks grown up and pulled together.  Pair it with the brighter blue sportcoat, or wear it with denim, summer shorts, and those 5 pocket pants.

Options 1/2/3

ElizabethStidhamElizabeth Stidham is Personal Stylist and Sr. Managing Partner representing J.Hilburn menswear in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As a former television news journalist and Miss Oklahoma 2004, she understands how the proper wardrobe can improve your image and professionalism. She enjoys working with clients to help create a whole new wardrobe or just the perfect fitting shirt. Elizabeth trains and manages a team of stylists across the country. She also stays busy with her 2-year-old son and husband — making sure they are dressed like true gentlemen, of course.