Four Beauty Products Brightening my Day (and Face!)

This post is sponsored by Nordstrom.

Several years ago when I first starting working from home, one of the things that effected my motivation more than any other was getting dressed in real clothes. I’ve talked about this extensively through my years of blogging because it was the catalyst for getting out of my yoga pants rut and feeling better about myself. Something that I haven’t mentioned as much but has been equally as important to my mental well being has been taking care of my skin and putting on makeup.

I guess I assumed it went without saying but it doesn’t and that’s become even more apparent during the pandemic. I realized how easy it is to slip back into the stretchy pants rut but even more so how not putting on makeup or caring for my skin negatively effects me. I practically stopped buying all beauty products for six months. When I finally gave myself permission again, I was amazed at how much even something as simple as a new lipgloss totally lifted my spirits.

When Nordstrom asked to partner with me on a beauty post, I was like a kid at Christmas browsing all of the options. If you’ve never shopped Nordstrom beauty before, they are truly a one stop shop. I wasn’t sure what to order for this post but knew that two of my go-to favorites were running low- my IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream and my signature fragrance Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb so I decided to start there.

Here are the four products that are brightening my day lately:

IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream Illumination

I don’t go a single day without wearing IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream. It hydrates my skin and gives me a lit from within look, not to mention that it’s packed with healthy ingredients like collagen, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and vitamins. I love that it has an SPF of 50+. If you’re not into the illumination formulation, it also comes in a non-illuminating color cream. For reference, I wear it in Medium Neutral.

NARS Blush in Orgasm

An oldie but goodie, NARS blush in Orgasm gives you the perfect flush of color with just the right amount of shimmer so that light bounces off your cheekbones and gives you that “lifted” appearance. This blush is ultra sheer so it deposits just the right amount of buildable color.

Lancome Genifique

After turning 47 last month, I’ve been getting a bit more aggressive with my skincare routine, including more frequent exfoliation and trying out some new moisturizers and serums. Lancome’s Genifique is the latest anti-aging serum that I’ve added to my nighttime skincare routine. I’ve been using it for two weeks and my husband already noticed my skin looking more “glowy”, as he put it. It claims to improve radiance in as little as 7 days and I’m a total believer! It’s a bit pricier than many of my skincare products but a little goes a very long way. Check out the reviews on it!

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

Let’s talk about perfume for just a minute, have you been wearing yours on a daily basis if you’re staying at home? This was one of those lightbulb a-ha moments that I had during the past few months. When I wear perfume, even if I’m never leaving the house, I just feel better. It’s one of those little daily luxuries that seems like such a simple thing but goes a LONG way toward making us feel like a million bucks. So I’ve started a daily practice of spritzing on a little bit of fragrance. Viktor & Rofl’s Flowerbomb is one of my favorites. I love buying it in the travel sized tubes because they truly do travel well (who wants to lug around a big bottle of perfume?) plus I don’t feel as guilty if I change my mind and want to buy another fragrance, there’s no big bottle sitting around going unused.

Honorable Mention

Psst – here’s a fun little secret: If you need more reasons to shop Nordstrom for your beauty purchases, they always have some awesome “gift with purchase” deals going on. This is a great way to try new products and even get some awesome samples. Here were some of my goodies:

MAC Lipstick Mini in Velvet Teddy

Did you know that MAC has lipstick minis for just $12? Neither did I until one arrived as my free gift with purchase. My freebie was the color “Whirl” but I also ordered one in “Velvet Teddy”, it’s the perfect matte neutral!

Another gift with purchase was an entire makeup bag of Lancome goodies including a sample of their Juicy Tubes and a mini eyeshadow palette. I also got a deluxe sized sample of Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt cologne which smells absolutely heavenly!