Pretty Fix – Welcome Spring with These Bold Colors

Have we mentioned yet how excited we are to see all the gorgeous and bright colors this spring? After coming out of the winter doldrums, it’s fun to see color in the flowers, in the sky, and of course, in our clothes. For this month’s Pretty Fix we’re having some major fun with mixing and matching colors to create a classic and inspiring look. After all, who doesn’t love a little brightness in their lives? This spring, consider adding some bold colors to your look. From bright pink to sunny yellow, plenty of shades will add personality to any outfit. So get ready to experiment and have some fun with your style!

For this month’s Pretty Fix we’re not just adding a pop of color but a few pops of color. Don’t worry though, it’s not as hard as you might think to mix and match the perfect colors. That’s where the color wheel can help. We’re not going to get too technical but if you look at the color wheel below (taken from The Ultimate Book of Outfit Formulas) you can see the colors that are next to each other work well together as well as colors that are directly opposite from each other.

A color wheel graphic showing contrasting and coordinating colors.

So What is the Pretty Fix?

The Pretty Fix is where we showcase an outfit that incorporates a few trends mixed with classic closet staples. It’s an easy way to offer some fresh outfit inspiration to items you may already have or to items you may want to add to the curation of your closet. We pride ourselves on less is more and focus on learning how to pair items up in many different ways. If you find you have some gaps in your closet, the shopping links are there to help you fill in those gaps. Now let’s check out this month’s Pretty Fix look!

Bright Top + Light Wash Jeans + White Shoes + Bright Handbag

1. Bright Top

This season is all about color, and honestly, the biggest problem will be picking just one. That’s why we also added a bright handbag but we’ll get to that later. Don’t be afraid of color this season because it’s everywhere. We styled this outfit with a beautiful pink top but it could easily be subbed out for your favorite color. The puff sleeve trend is still sticking around, as well as the peasant top silhouette and ruffles. Remember, though, it’s okay to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things, but if it’s not a heck yes, then it’s a no. It’s important to stay true to what you like so if you don’t like the way a puff sleeve looks on you, you can still accomplish the same fantastic look with your favorite bright tee.

2. Light Wash Jeans

Light wash jeans have been really on-trend lately and they work perfectly to offset the bright and bold top in this outfit. Although we styled this look with some skinny jeans, it would also easily work with crops, bootcut, or even some wide legs denim. The key is proportions. Slimmer on the bottom allows for a little bit more volume on top. If you opt for the volume to be on the bottom, choose a top that’s a little more fitted. This will create a more polished look. Not a fan of light wash jeans? Easily sub in some medium wash ones.

3. White Shoes

White shoes can honestly mean anything from white sandals to flats or even a pair of white sneakers. It just depends on how casual you want to go or how dressed up. A fun pair of white heels would work, or for even more added interest, you can sub in snake print for some pattern. For this look, we choose white braided sandals because not only are they spring/summer appropriate but braided sandals are super on-trend this season.

4. Bright Handbag

It might be easy to get overwhelmed by the mixing and matching of two bright colors in this look, but it doesn’t have to be. Finding two colors that work together isn’t as hard as you think (see the color wheel above). Plus having a bright handbag in your arsenal is always a good idea. As always, we’re big fans of getting multiple uses out of the items we choose to take up space in our closets so when picking a bright handbag, pick a color you love. If you love the color, you’ll happily find many ways to mix and match it. The teal bag chosen for this look would also go great with a bright yellow top, royal blue, coral, and bright pink just to name a few.

5. Layered Necklace

Layered necklaces have been on trend for a few seasons now but this season it’s all about the two-layer necklace. Mix and match between bold and chunky or delicate and minimal. You can’t go wrong with combining your two favorite necklaces. For a more polished look try pairing necklaces in varying lengths. Check out some other fun spring accessory trends you can try HERE.

6. Earrings

When your scarves get packed away, it’s time for your earrings to come out and play! Spring and summer are all about fun earrings. That’s because they add tons of interest without adding heat and since you don’t have a scarf getting in the way, it’s open season. For this look, we picked some great silver earrings that dangle down but any earrings will work. From hoops to chain links, teardrops, or even studs, you can’t go wrong with adding a great pair of earrings to this look.

Your turn! Do bright colors excite you or terrify you? What color are you most excited to wear this season?