Four Ways to Wear a Plaid Sheath Dress

Call this a rare day in blog land because, wait for it….Alison is wearing a dress! Yes, it happens but it’s kind of like spotting a snow leopard, extremely rare and you’ll have good luck the rest of your life if you see it.

Ok, I made that last part up, but anyway. There’s usually one cornerstone piece that I build every single capsule wardrobe around. For the sake of a better term, let’s call it my muse. For the Style Challenges Winter 2019 Work Wear Capsule, this black watch plaid sheath dress was definitely my muse. As soon as I laid eyes on it, I knew it would be the first piece to make it into the capsule.

I ran out to my local J. Crew Factory to buy it and lo and behold, it fit and looked just as good as I could’ve possibly hoped. It’s such a classic staple item too both in lines (sheath dresses NEVER go out of style) and in color/pattern (plaid is a winter constant). Totally worth adding to your closet!

I challenged myself to come up with several ways to wear it since one of the tenets of the Style Challenges program is that a piece has to be paired up in at least 4-5 different ways to make it on the shopping list. This one stretched me a bit but I was able to come up with these four pairings.

I’ve listed the links to the items below, however, there are some that are sold out or the items are from my closet so I’ve listed similar ones.

#1 – Plaid Sheath Dress + Leopard Heels (similar) + Faux Fur Jacket (similar)

For this outfit formula, I paired up the black watch plaid sheath dress with a statement necklace and leopard heels for some fun pattern mixing. This outfit formula stands on it’s own perfectly fine or you can add in a faux fur jacket for holiday parties!

 Faux Fur Jacket (similar) / Plaid Sheath Dress  / Leopard Heels (similar)Statement Necklace (Similar)

#2 – Plaid Sheath Dress + Black Turtleneck (similar) + Black Ankle Boots (similar)Leather Jacket

My second pairing is for you ladies in colder climates! I understand that bare arms and legs aren’t feasible in most of the US this time of year. In that case, layer up your dress with a cozy black turtleneck and tights then add ankle boots and a leather jacket!

Leather Jacket / Plaid Sheath Dress / Black Turtle Neck (similar) / Black Tights / Black Ankle Boots (similar)

#3 – Plaid Sheath Dress + Black Cardigan (similar) + Leopard Heels (similar)

Next up, we have an office look that I positively ADORE! When I worked in corporate America, this outfit would’ve been totally me. Just add a black cardigan, long pendant necklace and leopard or black heels!

Plaid Sheath Dress / Black Cardigan (similar) / Leopard Heels (similar) / Pendant Necklace

#4 – Plaid Sheath Dress + White Button Down (similar) + Black Ankle Boots (similar) or Heels

Lastly, you can never go wrong with a white button-down. Layer your dress over one and add a statement necklace over the collar. Finish it out with tights and ankle boots or skip the tights and add heels!

Plaid Sheath Dress / White Button Down (similar) / Black Tights / Black Ankle Boots (similar)

There are limited sizes left in the JCF sheath dress so I’ve included some other fabulous options!

Option 1 / Option 2 / Option 3 / Option 4

All of these outfit ideas are part of our four work week’s worth included in the Style Challenges Winter 2019 Work Wear Capsule Wardrobe. You can join me now HERE.

That’s it, four ways to pair up a plaid sheath dress! Which one was your favorite?