What To Wear To A Holiday Party

The number one question I get asked this time of year is, “What should I wear to holiday parties?” I too sometimes get stumped with this question. I can easily overthink this and sometimes forget that it can be truly simple. Recently I was getting ready for an event and deliberated about what to wear. The event was all about how to make the holidays easier to handle and I was invited as one of the guest speakers. As I was standing there thinking about what to wear it dawned on me that I was going to wear exactly what I was going to be talking about. It’s an easy outfit formula that I’ve followed the last 4-5 years. For more details about the event and the formula, you can click on the Coffee Chat link below!

So yes, what is this simple outfit formula I speak of?!? It starts out with a black base, Black Top + Black Bottoms and then we accessorize! Now if you’re not a fan of wearing black, if it washes you out, then this formula can also work with winter white or ivory. Or you can swap out the black top for a color that compliments your skin tone. Below I’ve given some more examples and a super simple way to put your outfit together!

Pick Your Top

Whether it’s a sweater, turtleneck, tunic or blouse, pick a black top with some texture that you feel comfortable in.

Black Turtleneck / Black Wrap Blouse / Black Tunic Sweater / Black Button-Down Blouse

Pick Your Bottoms

Opt for some dressy black velvet pants or maybe some black denim. If you feel more like a skirt there’s the classic pencil skirt or perhaps something a little fuller. Don’t forget about your faux leather leggings!

Black Dress Pants / Black Denim / Faux Leather Leggings / Black Pencil Skirt

Pick Your Shoes

Since you’ve got your base, your shoes are an area where you can really have some fun and add your pops of color. The options are endless whether you choose a leopard or snake print or maybe a bright solid color or add some shiny metallic heels! Then there’s also the options of ankle boots, strappy heels or maybe a sophisticated pair of pumps!

Red Heels / Leopard Booties / Metallic Heels / Snake Print Pumps

Pick Your Accessories

Okay, I said shoes are an area where you can really have fun and personalize this formula, but accessories are really just as fun! Here is where you take your outfit to the next level with statement jewelry and a sparkly clutch. Or you can opt for a printed clutch or bright color handbag. Don’t forget the earrings and maybe add a bracelet or two!

Statement Necklace / Pendant Necklace / Hoop Earrings / Bracelet SetStatement Earrings / Sparkly Purse / Printed Clutch

Bonus Top Layer

If you want to add just a touch more to your look, you can easily add a faux fur vest or maybe a beautiful wrap. You can also finish off your look with a leather jacket or maybe a solid or printed cardigan!

Faux Fur Vest / Buffalo Check Poncho / Leather Jacket / Bright Cardigan

For a Dressier Look

And if you want to go for a super dressy look, you can’t go wrong with a little black dress! Add some cute heels, a sparkly clutch and maybe some statement earrings! Below is currently my favorite black dress. I love the way it fits and the lace details make it pop!

Lace Black Dress

See how easy it can be? Just pick an item from each category for a complete holiday look! And it doesn’t have to just work for the holidays, it will work for any event! For my particular event, it was a bit more casual so I wore my black jeans, black wide neck sweater and my leopard booties then added some accessories!

Black Sweater / Black Denim / Leopard Booties / Hoop Earrings / Pendant Necklace

Your turn! Will my go-to formula help make getting ready for your holiday party that much easier?