How I Feel About Microblading One Year Later

So the other day I was thinking about my eyebrows and that it’s been almost a year since my microblading experience. If you were around last year then you were with me through the whole saga. All two months of it. Yes. It takes two full months to get the whole way through this process. I thought to be interesting to update you guys on what I thought about the experience, where I’m at with it right now, and if I would actually do it again. For more details, check out my weekly Coffee Chat video below.

First, let me start off by linking up the blog post here that I did about my microblading experience because it really details every single step of the process.

So why did I decided to give microblading a try? As I’m getting older, I noticed that my eyebrows were starting to thin around the ends and I was spending a lot of my “getting ready time” filling in my brows. Then our business manager Lauren did hers and they turned out beautiful! That’s when I decided I was all in and began doing my research.

Research First

Research is something you definitely want to do before you begin this process. Follow whoever you’re considering on Instagram or Facebook, wherever you can see examples of their work. I ended up finding someone local and started studying the pictures of what she had done. When I made the final decision to use her, I was then directed to do more research on Pinterest and find at least three to four different sets of eyebrows that I really, really liked and show her the pictures. Then I needed to describe what I liked most about them, was it the shape? Was it the color? Or was it the thickness and fullness?

On To Phase One

Once we decided upon the shape I was happy then she tediously drew them on checking and double-checking that everything looked right. That was the longest part of the process but I completely appreciated her taking her time and her attention to detail. The next step was then applying the numbing cream for 30 minutes before getting started on the actual process.

She started with the initial outline of the brows, which for me, was the most painful part. I could feel and hear the scraping. Yikes! But once we got the outline done, then she was able to again go over that with a light skin cream, numbing it a little bit more. Then she started actually drawing in the individual hairs on each of my brows. After she was done, she then applied a color dye and let it set. The whole process took about two hours then it was on to phase two.

Phase Two – Healing

Next up comes the healing process which takes about six weeks. When you first get home, you’ll notice your brows get super, super dark and then they start to scab over. This is totally normal and part of the process. Make sure you follow the aftercare instructions that are given to you. I used grapeseed oil to moisturize my brows which is a really important part of the process. The less dry your scabs get, the better off you are and your end result will be better. So after six weeks of moisturizing my brows three times a day, I was excited to finally enjoy my new, darker, fuller brows!

Final Verdict

Was this whole process worth it? Absolutely yes! Overall, it has been a HUGE time saver for me both at home and when I go to get my brows cleaned up. Plus I don’t ever have to worry about getting my eyebrows screwed up because it doesn’t matter how much they take off because I still have the tattoo micro bladed under there.

However, one of the downsides is that the sun and anti-aging products with retinol or vitamin C, will fade brows faster. I knew this going into it but I still use products that contain these ingredients. Over the months I have noticed that my brows are starting to fade a little, particularly on the ends. I am filling them in with just a little bit of powder but is it a big deal? No. Am I back to doing my brows again? Maybe a little but I can go back and get them touched up. It’s recommended that you go back every two years but I will probably go back sooner. And getting them touched up takes way less time and money than the original process too. So again, yes, I love my brows and I think it was totally worth it!

Your turn! Have you had microblading done? What was your experience? Did you think it was worth it?