How to Layer For Winter

Everyone experiences a different version of winter. For some, it’s freezing temperatures, sleet, and knee-deep snow. While for others it’s mearly a chilly break from the heat. Then there are those days where you have freezing morning and temperate afternoons. No matter what your winter is like, the key for dressing in this kind of weather is layers and we’ve got you covered. Below are four different ways you can layer for winter no matter what your weather holds.

Option #1

Knit Beanie + Wool Coat + Puffer Vest + Turtle Neck + Black Leggings + Knee High Boots

For this look, we’re starting with some simple black leggings and layering on a turtle neck with a puffer vest to keep the chill away. For even more warmth, top with a wool coat and some knee-high boots will keep your feet cozy and dry. Top with a knit beanie and gloves and you’re ready to go. The best part is that this look can be adjusted for when the temperatures start to rise. Skip the turtle neck and opt for a solid V-neck or crew neck and leave the winter coat at home.

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Option #2

Long Winter Coat + Solid Neutral Sweater + Printed Skirt + Knee High Boots

This look takes a dressier approach to winter layering. A warm, neutral knit sweater is paired up with a long flowing skirt. The long wool winter coat will help keep legs warm in the skirt with the addition of some knit tights and knee-high boots. Finish off with some fleece-lined gloves. For those days when it’s not so cold, you can skip the tights and gloves and for those days when it’s really warm, you can leave the jacket at home too!

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Option #3

Long Puffer Vest + Jersey Dress + Chelsea Boots + Scarf

For this look, we’re styling a dress but we’re keeping the legs warm with knit tights and socks under the ankle boots for added warmth to your feet. The long puffer vest gives this look a sporty vibe. Finish off with a cozy scarf! On warmer days, skip the tights and vest for a still polished look!

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Option #4

Puffer Vest + Neutral Sweater + Solid Button-Down + Dark Wash Jeans + Black Boots

This classic look features a puffer vest layered over a neutral sweater and a blue oxford button-down. Dark wash jeans, which are a classic closet staple, are then added. Finish off with some black ankle boots and cozy gloves. For warmer weather, you have many top option combinations. Puffer vest with the sweater or button-down with the sweater or puffer vest with the button-down. You can’t go wrong with any of these!

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Your turn! What winter layering look is your favorite!