How to Maintain a Workout Routine (and Not Hate it!)

Registration for the Rediscover Me 28 Day Challenge opened last Friday and today I’m sharing the last of four sneak peek videos from the challenge.  If you’ve already signed up, I can’t wait to share this life changing month with you!

In my first sneak peek video, I talked about an effective way to set goals.  In the second video, I shared a way to remove tolerations from your life and last week I introduced you to upgrades.  You can check out those videos at the following links:

Week One – Goal Setting

Week Two – Tolerations

Week Three – Upgrades

Today, I’m sharing one of the videos from the healthy living and wellness portion of the challenge.  It’s all about taking baby steps that lead to sustainable lifestyle changes.  Healthy living should be a lifestyle, not something you try out once a year as part of a resolution – just to get overwhelmed by it and quit.  By making small, sustainable changes, you can create lasting change. 

I’m talking about exercise in today’s video and sharing a way to feel pulled toward working out instead of pushing yourself through it.

I mention a 28 Day Challenge Facebook group in the video.  This group will be open for challenge participants starting.

It’s Your Turn:  Tell me about some activities that you love in the comments.  What do you look forward to that pulls you to work out?

Don’t miss out on the Rediscover Me 28 Day Challenge!  There will be NO late registration for this challenge.