Ten Ways to Make a Shopping Ban Work

Have you ever done a shopping ban?  If you have, then you already know that it’s often easier said than done!  In case you missed this post, I announced that I’m under a self-imposed shopping ban this month.   My goal is to make the most of my winter wardrobe without adding to it.

Many of you decided to take the plunge with me, especially those of you that participated in the Winter GYPO Style Challenge.  What we’ve collectively discovered through doing style challenges is that less really is more and you can create lots of outfit options from what you already have.

This past week, I asked the winter challengers to share some of their best tips for sticking to their zero shopping commitments this month.  Whether it’s for financial reasons, or just to prove to yourself that “less is more”, there are lots of ways to make a shopping ban easier to follow.  Today I’m sharing some of their best tips with you.

Ten Ways to Make a Shopping Ban Work

1.  Get Pin-spired

Recreate outfits from Pinterest using ONLY what you already have in your closet.  Of course, this could also tempt you to buy new pieces but keep the commitment to use what you have.

2.  Use an Outfit App

After you’ve created those outfits from Pinterest, snap a selfie and then log them into an app like Stylebook which allows you to virtually organize your wardrobe and track your outfits.

pattern_bg3.  Clean Your Closet

Cleaning out and organizing your closet is a really effective way to see what you have and what you need.  If you have legitimate needs, you can them keep them on a list to shop for at a later date or when the price is right.

4.  Get Some Accountability

Create a no shopping support group with your friends, hold each other accountable and encourage each other to keep on keeping on!

5.  Unsubscribe from Sale Alerts

This is all about removing temptation.  Clean out your inbox and unsubscribe from all of those sale alerts you get on a daily basis.  Don’t worry, Loft will continue having a flash sale every few days, with or without you!

6.  Stay Away from the Mall!

This one is a no-brainer but if you’re trying not to shop, then stay away from stores.  Some you may not be able to avoid.  I do my grocery shopping at Target, so that is my achilles heel.  I just stay on the grocery side of the store and use the registers farthest from women’s clothing in order to avoid temptation.

7.  Contentment is Key

Be grateful for what you already have.  No piece of clothing can bring true happiness.  Practicing gratitude will.

8.  Keep your “Why” in Mind

Why did you start your shopping ban to begin with?  My why is that I want to save money this year to help my son pay for college.  Your why could be that you’d rather spend money on travel.  If you keep your why at the forefront every day, it makes it much easier to stick to the plan.

9.  Leave Cash/Credit Cards Behind

If you know that you’re going to be tempted, leave all payment methods at home.

10.  Find Something Else to Occupy Your Time

If shopping is your hobby, then consider picking up a new one.  Now would be a great time to try something you’ve always been interested in.

It’s Your Turn:  What helps you get through a shopping ban?  Share your tips in the comments.


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