Spice Up Your Workplace Wardrobe – For Men and Women

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By Arron Hiddleston

Every workplace is different from all the others, and its dress code is similar to no other. Still, there are clever ways how you can still reflect your unique personal fashion style while complying with those fashion parameters of your company. What you should do is keep your personality and incorporate into your office outfits but you should simultaneously maintain the overall outfit professional and polished. This will boost your self-confidence and creativity. If you start your working day by choosing the hues, fabrics and patterns you will wake up earlier and increase the creativity. Still, don’t overdo it. By following our simple tips how to dress to gain even more success, you will be the fashion icon of your office in no time.

1.  Embrace essential items

Instead of splurging on unique fashionista items, you should invest in some great quality basics. Both guys and girls should benefit from buying a black blazer which will look amazing on you. If you are having a hard time finding the perfectly fitting one, you should have one tailored just for you. Staple up on white shirts and you will have the perfect basis for any outfit you want to pull out.

2.  Be careful with the trends

No matter how much you love your new neon yellow wedges, they simply do not fit the corporate setting you work in. Neither colleagues nor clients will take you seriously if you show up wearing the items which are not office-friendly. You can keep your outfits a bit toned down during the working hours and have a couple of staples near your desk which will spice up everything, so you will waste no time going from smart for work to cool for the night out. Still, there are a couple of things which will make your outfits cool instantly. Fashionable Carrera sunglasses are always on the mark and you will become chic the moment you put them on.



3.  Don’t overdo the accessories

Accessories can make or break your day. The basic rule to follow is – don’t overdo it. Wearing a lot of boho bracelets with a statement necklace may seem like an excellent idea for a cup of coffee with friends but not for your office. The same is true when it comes to men, just keep it simple with a pop of accessories and you’ll be the star of the day. Girls should opt for a buttoned up blouses which seem really elegant and just add a statement necklace above. Guys are lucky to have the incredibly convenient trend of wearing rucksacks where you can put your belongings. Those perfectly match even the most elegant combinations. An infinity scarf is an excellent idea for both guys and girls. Wearing them around the office is a perfect glimpse of style around your neck!

4.  Colors are your friends, not enemies

Although the business world is not very much fond of vibrantly colored clothes, there’s still something you could do to add a pop of color into your business life. Even though black, white, gray and navy are the most prominent colors in most of the offices, you should not limit your choice just to those. Women could look equally stylish wearing a dusty rose dress instead of a white one, whereas guys can look picture-perfect if they opt for a sage green hue of their sweater.


Your workplace wardrobe doesn’t have to be dull. You just need to go for quick fixes which will spice up your entire outfits. From statement jewelry to a pop of color, the choice is versatile. It’s only your choice how you wish to reflect your own personality via clothes.


Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 4.43.56 PMArron Hiddleston is a self-employed life coach from Sydney and fashion newcomer who loves up-cycled pieces and enjoys browsing the web in search of fresh ideas. Loves: all things spicy, barbecue, winter vacations. Doesn’t like: bad manners and narcissism.

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