Style Your Size: How to Wear a Casual Black Dress

By Jill Riley

As we move from summer to fall it’s good to take stock of the items in our closets that might transition well into this cooler season. Today’s Style Your Size post highlights the casual black dress. This is one piece that definitely deserves a spot in your fall wardrobe. There are so many ways to wear this closet staple. Choosing how to wear your black dress is the fun part!

To put this post together, we asked several Pretties of different sizes to show us how they wear their black dress.

The results are amazing as usual. From adding fun shoes to making it their own by spicing it up with special toppers, the Summer 2018 Style Challengers took the casual black dress to the next level.

How to Wear a Casual Black Dress

[Black Dress/Striped Tote/White Stone Earrings/Pink Sandles]

How to Wear a Casual Black Dress: Add Fun Shoes

Cathy wears a size 4. “The dress is actually regular size 4, not petite because I wanted more length.” What a great way to use clothing fit to get the look that’s right for her.

Tina wears a size 16. “Love how easy it is to dress up or down this outfit!”

Cindy wears a size 8. Slipping on a pair of bright pink sandals makes this outfit easy and adorable.

Sarah wears a size 6. “I did opt to use navy as my black for this challenge and it worked just right for me! This is a wonderful outfit formula, a dress is an instant outfit, just bring on some fun shoes & accessories! This dress is an absolute favorite for the summer, and it was under $15.00! I have worn this dress many different ways both casual & dressier.”

Maraline wears a size 18. You know it’s a closet staple when you can dress as twins with the littles in your life.

How to wear a casual black dress: add fun shoes.

Cathy / Tina / Cindy / Sarah / Maraline

How to Wear a Casual Black Dress: Add a Top Layer

By adding a cardigan, kimono or jacket this dress becomes a great transition piece from summer to fall.

Liz wears a size 8. “This simple black dress was my favorite maternity piece. I could mix it with different pieces to dress it up for work or dress it down for dinner out with my husband. Every woman needs a simple black dress!”

Christina wears a size 12. “I added a cardigan that day because my office is cold! My dress is from Loft.”

Heather wears a size 18. “I loved this outfit with the pop of color for the shoes. I had added the white cardigan with this outfit to help with the ac in the office, but this was a great transition outfit for work to a night out.”

Danielle wears a size 2. “Dressed it up by adding a leopard clutch and striped heels. Added a jean jacket in case it would be cold in the restaurant”

How to wear a casual black dress: add a cover.

Liz / Christina / Heather / Danielle

How to Wear a Casual Black Dress: Try a Trend

Gabi wears a size 2. “I’ve learned so many fashion tips from my Style Sisters in the Facebook group including this clever one! If you don’t like rompers because they’re tricky to get into and out of, try a “fromper”, same coloured tee and shorts!” Gabi is referring to the Challenge Facebook Group that accompanies each Seasonal Style Challenge. Have you signed up for the Fall 2018 Capsule Wardrobe?

Melissa wears a size 24. “I finally found a plus size jump suit that worked for a petite plus body!” Some pieces are worth the time and effort it takes to find just the right fit.

Iris wears a size 4. “I styled it for the cooler weather that day, with the jumpsuit and cardi.”

Sarah wears a size 20. “My first jumpsuit ever, but it just felt too plain to me, so I added the denim vest!” Feeling comfortable in your clothes is the most important thing. Sarah figured out how to make this outfit feel right to her just by adding a little something.

How to wear a casual black dress: try a trend.

Gabi / Melissa / Iris / Sarah

Do you have a favorite way to wear a casual black dress? We’d love to see how YOU style it… in your size! Tag us on Instagram @_getyourprettyon!

Author Bio: Jill Riley is in charge of sending big hugs through customer service emails. She spends most of her time with her husband, son, daughter, and pup. When her nose isn’t buried in a personal development book, you can find her playing games with her kids. Discovering audiobooks and true crime podcasts has helped make sure her pup gets plenty of walks.