Style Your Budget: Style Challenges Fall 2018 Capsule Wardrobe

Today we are diving in to a very exciting version of Style Your Budget. If you’re new around here, Style Your Budget helps you shop smarter by showing you one outfit prompt styled at five drastically different price points.

One of the things that makes Style Challenges work so well is that we don’t provide you the clothes. That may sound like a bad thing at first, but we promise it isn’t. By providing you with a style prompt rather than a box of clothes, you get to decide what the outfit ultimately looks like (and how much it costs).

If you already own all the pieces in the prompt you can shop your closet for a free outfit. Woohoo! However, if you need to fill in a gap in your wardrobe you get to choose which store, and more importantly how much you are going to spend, to fill in that gap.

This look is the Day 5 outfit prompt from the just released Style Challenges Fall 2018 Capsule Wardrobe. Rich fall florals are the perfect transition pattern into cooler temperatures and this outfit is finished out once again with classic closet staples. We say this a lot around GYPO, but truly, investing in good quality closet staples will serve you well season after season. Knowing you have a closet full of solid basics you love makes deciding what to wear fun and affordable!

Denim Jacket + Floral Top + Black Bottoms + Ankle Boots

Now let’s Style Your Budget!

Option 1

Denim Jacket $34.99 / Floral Top $24.99 / Black Jeans $19.99
Ankle Boots $39.99 / Earrings $5.99 / Necklace $7.99 / Purse $17.99
Outfit Total $151.93


Option 2

Denim Jacket $22.98 / Floral Top $25.97 / Black Jeans $16.94
Ankle Boots $44.99 / Earrings $14.99 / Necklace $20.99 / Purse $13.97
Outfit Total $160.83


Option 3

Denim Jacket $54.07 / Floral Top $22.99
Black Jeans $59.50 / Ankle Boots $27.99
Earrings $12.99 / Necklace $10.99 / Purse $11.99
Some prices may vary by size.
Outfit Total $200.52


Option 4

Denim Jacket $118 / Floral Top $89 / Black Jeans $179
Ankle Boots $119.95 / Earrings $19 / Necklace $59 / Purse $149
Outfit Total $732.95


Option 5

Denim Jacket $98 / Floral Top $128 / Black Jeans $110
Ankle Boots $325 / Earrings $28 / Necklace $58 / Purse $138
Outfit Total $885

We always recommend investing in the best quality that your budget allows when it comes to your closet staples. However, if you are trying out new trends, fluctuating between sizes, or need a more budget conscious option we hope this post has helped you see that you truly can feel confident in what you are wearing no matter where you shop or how much you can afford to spend.

It’s Your Turn: What version of the outfit was your favorite?

You’ll have access to this outfit plus six more immediately upon signing up for the Style Challenges Fall 2018 Capsule Wardrobe. Make getting dressed this fall the easiest thing you’ll do all day! Check out how the Style Challenge is changing lives here.