I Feel Pretty | Remixed

Seven pieces for seven days!  Yes, it’s entirely possible.  Today’s the big reveal of my seven pieces and how I paired them up to create a week’s worth of outfits.

The Pieces

1.  Chambray/2.  White Tee/3.  Wedges/4.  Striped Tee/5.  Coral Jeans/6.  White Capri Jeans/7.  Red Shorts

The Pairings

7 x 7 Remix Outfits 17 x 7 Remix Outfits 3

1.  White Capris + Striped Tee

White Jeans Striped Tee

2.  Coral Jeans + White Tee

Coral Jeans White Tee

3.  White Capris + Chambray

White Jeans Chambray

4.  Coral Jeans + Chambray + Striped Tee

Coral Jeans Chambray

5.  Red Shorts + White Tee + Chambray

Red Shorts Chambray

6.  White Jeans + White Tee

White Jeans White Tee Orange

7.  Red Shorts + Striped Tee

Red Shorts Striped Tee

The Takeaway’s

1.  Accessories are a girl’s best friend.  They can take even the most basic outfit (white on white) and turn it into something really special.

2.  When you run out of outfit ideas, ask your kids.  They are more creative anyway.  My girls helped style every one of these outfits!

3.  Pick neutral shoes with a little bit of interest.  The cobalt blue on my wedges was a nice touch in each outfit.

4.  My closet is WAY more versatile than I thought.  I discovered new ways to wear my old basics and even created some new favorite outfits.

5.  I’ll be packing much lighter for our beach vacation next month!

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