This post sponsored by Talbot’s.

Summer is winding down but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still plenty of time left to style summer clothes. Here in Texas, I’ll be wearing them well into September and sometimes early October. I usually don’t buy a lot of new things toward the end of summer but when I do it’s always exciting to pull them out of storage the next year. Recently I picked up a few pieces at Talbot’s because these colors just spoke to me. Every season, Talbot’s never disappoints, with color trends and fun patterns season after season. Not to mention so many participans in Outfit Formulas have always sung their praises for the high quality of their pieces. The items I’m wearing in today’s post certainly live up to the Talbot’s reputation on all fronts! Even though they incorporate some of the latest colors and patterns, I also feel like these are pieces that will stand the test of time and hold up for many summers to come.

My first pick, of course, was this ladder back stripe dress. This has been the summer of the dress for me in so many ways. As I prepare for a book launch, my days have been consumed with meetings and calls. More days than not, I simply reach for the nearest dress in my closet, throw on some cute sandals and minimal accessories, and BAM – I’m dressed and ready for the day!

Since I’ve heard so many Pretties rave over the quality of Talbot’s white jeans, I had to try a pair for myself. I’ve been dying to try a pair of cropped flare jeans and this pair fit the bill. You weren’t wrong about them. Their white jeans are just the right thickness and have the perfect amount of stretch. It’s no wonder they’re a fan fave! Just add a patterned sleeveless top and you’re good to go. This sleeveless shell had me at palm leaves! I was tempted to get this adorable striped shell but resisted the urge to feed my striped top addiction…at least for now.