Menswear Fix: The November List

Christmas shopping for our kids gets harder every year.  They are now almost 21, 17 and 12 and not really lovers of “stuff”.  So this year my husband and I had to get creative.  We decided to focus more on experiences than on stuff so we’re taking them on a pre-Christmas vacation to NYC!

NYC at Christmas is more my bucket list item than theirs but shhhh….they don’t need to know that.  I’ve always dreamt of seeing the store window displays, the tree at Rockefeller Center and skating in Central Park – and of course eating lots and lots of amazing food and taking in a show or two!  

I’m sure I’m romanticizing it a bit and we already know that it’s going to be COLD, especially for our thin Texas blood.  So, as the family stylist, I’ve started putting together some cold weather outfits for everyone.  

The guys, my husband Craig and son Devon, have it the worst.  Their winter wardrobes are virtually non-existent so I’m starting with them first.  Today I’m sharing one of those wintery outfits in this month’s Menswear Fix.

Earlier this fall, I created a 14 day capsule wardrobe for men, the Fall 2016 Menswear Bootcamp.  It went over so well that I’ve decided to start offering you with a monthly resource, similar to the Pretty Fix but for the guys. Since Pretty Fix doesn’t quite work in this case, let’s just simply call it the Menswear Fix.  🙂

Here are the five pieces I recommend for your guy to stay warm and on trend this month.

November Menswear Fix

1. Flannel Shirt

A warm flannel shirt is a winter weekend must-have.  Shopping Options:  One/Two/Three

2. Puffer Coat

Update his winter coat with a classic puffer that will stay in style for seasons to come.  Shopping Options: One/Two/Three

3. Knit Beanie

A knit beanie adds stylish warmth to winter wear.  Shopping Options: One/Two/Three

4. Dark Wash Jeans

Dark wash jeans in a slimmer fit as the perfect update to any jeans collection.  Shopping Options: One/Two/Three

5. Chukka Boots

Chukka boots keep feet warm, dry and comfortable. Shopping Options:  One/Two/Three



If you liked the pieces in this month’s menswear fix, then you’ll love the Fall 2016 Menswear Bootcamp.  For only $19, you’ll get a fall shopping list of menswear classics and trends plus 14 days of mix and match outfit ideas perfect for updating his wardrobe.  Learn more and sign up HERE.