Unexpected Remixes

Besides getting out of my yoga pants every day, one of my goals with this blog is to challenge myself to restyle some of my favorite pieces in more creative, interesting ways.  Even though I love a lot of the staples in my closet, I get bored with pairing them up in the same normal, predictable ways.  It’s time to step out of my outfit comfort zone!

Today I took two of my favorite outfit builders– a bright yellow tank and some embellished flats – and remixed them to create two new, less predictable looks.

Outfit Builder #1:  Bright Yellow Tank

[Yellow Tank:  Old Navy (last season)]

The Usual Suspects:  Yellow trimmed gray cardigan and silver flats.

[Yellow Trimmed Cardigan:  Old Navy (last season)/Skinny Jeans:  Forever 21/Flats:  Nine West]

Normally I pair this bright yellow tank with a matching cardigan and silver flats.  While I love this look, I’m craving something a little more fun and less expected.

Remixed Look:  Blue ruffled cardigan and animal print flats.

[Teal Ruffled Cardigan:  Target (last season)/Leopard Flats:  Target (last season)/Earrings:  New York & Company]

By choosing a peacock blue ruffled cardi and leopard print flats, it went from ordinary and conventional to unexpected and interesting.  Plus the blue really makes the bright yellow pop!

Outfit Builder #2: Teal Embellished Flats

[Embellished Flats:  Ross]

The Usual Suspect:  Matching shirt.

[Shirt:  Target (last season)/Skinny Jeans:  Forever 21/Earrings:  New York & Company]

These cute flats usually get paired with a top in the same color family.  Again, there’s nothing wrong with this.  I’m just trying to dress “out of the box”.

Remixed Look:  Magenta Top and Scarf

[Shirt:  Forever 21/Skinny Jeans:  Forever 21/Scarf:  Marshall’s]

Instead I went with another jewel tone by adding the magenta top and this multi-colored scarf.  Way more fun!  Oh and I wore this to a doctor’s appointment last week and got five compliments, FIVE.  This will definitely be staying in the outfit rotation.  🙂

It’s Your Turn:  Which side do you tend to fall on, predictable or unexpected?  How do you play with mixing up your wardrobe?  Give me some inspiration and tell me in the comments!

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