Olive + Burgundy Fall Outfit

Here’s proof that dreams really do come true, I have my very own page this month on J. Crew Factory’s web site!!!

Besides the obvious of being the coolest thing EVER, this is really personally significant to me for three reasons.

  1. You’re never too old to go after your dreams. It sounds so corny and cliche but in this case it’s also very true! At 45 years old, I’m getting some of the best opportunities of my life. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have a brand like J. Crew Factory want to feature an over 40 influencer. There aren’t a lot of brands out there doing this so let’s show some love to the ones who represent women in this life stage!
  2. I’ve taken a different path with blogging. Other bloggers who started out with me have blown past me and I wish I could say that it didn’t bother me, but sometimes it does. Instead of going the traditional blogger route of always buying new things and sharing affiliate links, I’ve represented my real life by shopping my closet and showing you how to do the same. As you can imagine, this has not only hurt my opportunities with brands but also my number of followers and yes, income. What has resulted is a smaller, yet completely loyal following of women who make up this tribe that I wouldn’t trade for the world! Brand opportunities are the icing on the cake.
  3. J. Crew Factory is where I buy most of my clothes so this is truly authentically ME. Their pieces are great quality yet affordable and they always have awesome sales. They hit the right mix between classic and on trend without trying too hard – which is what I strive for with my personal style.

On that note, today I have a fall outfit for you from J. Crew Factory (but, of course!) with a lightweight olive sweater, my new favorite pair of high waisted jeans (seriously SO comfy!) and my new embroidered mules. I used the colors in my mules for inspiration for this olive and burgundy outfit. So very fall like!

If you’re looking to upgrade your everyday jewelry pieces, we have some new items in the Alison + Aubrey Fine Line that I’ve been wearing non-stop. These uncut natural diamond earrings are so pretty and dainty and they pair perfectly with this diamond chip necklace.