Fall Family Photo Outfit Ideas

by Jessica Pigza

With the holidays quickly approaching our to-do list is growing longer by the day. For many of us, one of those to-do items is probably to have family pictures taken. Why do we pick this time of year? The weather is usually perfect, plus fresh family pictures make great holiday cards and great gifts for extended family members. While I know it sounds simple, the task of pulling off a perfectly executed family picture can be a bit daunting. Whether it’s something we do every year or every five-plus years, the first question that comes to mind is usually, “what do we wear?”

I love family photos where the theme is effortless style. Every outfit coordinates but is not so matchy-matchy and everyone is able to wear colors and clothes they feel confident in and that look great on them. This comfort and confidence then translates into a fun, beautiful family photo that you can’t wait to show off.  And while I can’t help with making everyone smile at the camera and at the same time, I can help with some fall family photo outfit ideas. Below are some beautiful fall color palette combinations, example outfits, and tips to help you plan that effortless fall family photo.

1. Ladies First

Ladies, I must insist that you pick your outfit first! Find an outfit that you feel amazing in and colors you love and build off of that. It can be hard enough finding clothes we like and that fit well, but to then put limitations on ourselves because we already found clothes for the rest of the family just adds unnecessary pressure. Need some inspiration to get started? Check out Alison’s Five Fall Outfit Formulas 2020 post.

2. Shop Your Closet First

You may be surprised to know that you may already have coordinating outfits for the family and you didn’t even know it. Take the time and look through everyone’s closet first and see what items you have in the same color family. In the end, you may find out you only need to add a few pieces to pull everything together instead of purchasing everyone a new head to toe look.

3. Shop Collections

If new outfits for the little ones is a must, shop a company or store that carries kid’s clothing collections. It will help take some of the guesswork out of shopping for the little ones and will ensure that the colors coordinate, plus anytime you can get everything in one place is a bonus. Try stores like Gymboree or Carters.

4. Neutral is Not Boring

Using a neutral color palette is not boring if done right. Adding layers and texture through jackets, scarves, and accessories will add dimension to your fall family photo. Also, be sure to vary your neutral color palette. Make sure your creams, whites, grays, and other neutrals are a few shades off. If they are too close in color everyone will blend and your photo will lack depth.

5. Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Fall holds some of the most beautiful colors so take advantage of it. Be sure to choose colors that compliment your skin tone and hair color, and won’t make you look washed out in your photos. Colors should enhance, but not take over. Also, consider where in your home you plan on displaying your family photo. Would the colors in your photo work with the decor in your home? Lastly, consider where your photos will be taken. Remember that colors may look different under artificial light than they will outside. When planning your outfits and colors, use natural light before making a final decision and consider what colors will be in your background. Some fun fall color combinations include:

Crimson + Burnt Orange + Brown/Tan

Plum + Olive + Cream

Navy + Mustard + Gray

Blues + Blushes + Creams

For her: [Chambray Shirt / VestBlush Jeans / Necklace / Booties] For him: [Sweater / Jeans / Shoes]

For girls: [Dress / Scarf / Booties] For boys: [Shirt / Jeans / Vest / Shoes]

Burgundy + Brown + Gray + Yellow

For her: [Dress / Wrap / Belt / Boots] For him: [Plaid Shirt / Brown Pants / Belt / Shoes]

For girls: [Dress / Booties / Tights / Headband] For boys: [Sweater / Pants / Shoes]

Olive + Teal + Denim + Browns

For her: [Teal Shirt / Jeans / Olive Jacket / Ankle Boots] For him: [Striped Sweater / Jeans / Shoes]

For girls: [Sweater / Olive Jeans / Booties] For boys: [Plaid Shirt / Jeans / Shoes]

Now it’s your turn! What color combinations are going to make you smile in your next fall family photo?