Pretty Fix – Outfit Formulas® Winter 2021

It’s one of my favorite times of the year! No, I’m not talking about the holidays, although, they are magical. I’m talking about the release of the Outfit Formulas® Winter 2021 Capsule Wardrobe! I know I say this every time, but I’m really excited about this one. As always when putting together the seasonal capsules I start with a great base of closet staples and mix in some trends and this winter has some trends I’m really loving. That’s why for this month’s Pretty Fix I’m featuring one of the looks from the Outfit Formulas® Winter 2021 Capsule Wardrobe.

So what is the Pretty Fix you may ask? The Pretty Fix is where I showcase a head-to-toe outfit that features classic pieces as well as trends you can mix in to freshen up your closet. For this look I’m focusing on the leather trend, the velvet trend, the leopard always trend, and white during winter. I know it sounds like a lot but most of these items you may already have but maybe you just never paired them together. I always encourage you to try something before you decide you don’t like it. But if it’s truly a ‘heck no,’ then you can easily mix in other options. Hence the versatility of Outfit Formulas®!

Black Moto Jacket + Solid Top + Off-White Bottoms + Leopard Shoe

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1. Black Moto Jacket

The first piece to this month’s Pretty Fix is a black moto jacket. This is what I consider to be a classic piece and I wouldn’t stop you if you wanted to make this one of your investment pieces. Just pick a classic color and silhouette. While this item can come in leather or suede, leather is definitely having a moment this winter. It’s everywhere from main pieces like jackets, skirts, and pants, but it’s also in cute accessories like headbands and bracelets. The best thing about leather is that it’s a neutral that packs a punch! It adds a lot of great dimension and texture to your outfit so don’t be afraid to add leather pieces to your closet this winter.

2. Solid Velvet Top

Velvet is another texture that can be seen in many different clothing pieces and accessories this season. I know velvet is one of those polarizing trends that can stir up mixed emotions but when paired together right, it just might turn into your new favorite winter staple!

3. Off-White Bottoms

Off-white, winter white, plain white, whatever name you want to call it, white bottoms are a must for all seasons, even winter. They just add a certain something to any outfit and they are a great alternative to blue jeans. They can easily be dressed up or kept casual and look fabulous with boots.

4. Leopard Shoes

Leopard print is a classic. Sometimes it has its moments more than others but you’d never be considered ‘out of style’ if you’re rocking a leopard print. I love my leopard flats and boots and I will always have them in my closet. I especially love leopard in the winter. There’s something warm, cozy, and stylish about a big, bold leopard print this time of year.

5. Black Handbag

The quilted handbags of fall are still very much on-trend for winter whether you choose a crossbody, shoulder, tote, or hobo bag. There are so many cute ones, some of which also include the chunky chain link trend. No matter what style you choose, having a classic black handbag is a great winter closet staple!

6. Layered Necklace

The layered necklace is a classic and perfect for wintertime because it can easily be worn under your favorite scarf. There are a few different ways to accomplish this look. There are tons of cute necklaces out there that are sold at one piece but have multiple strands. Or you can create your own using the necklaces you already have. The trick is to layer the dainty ones first and finish off with the chunkier ones. Also, to help keep them from getting tangled, make sure the necklace isn’t twisted when you put it on. For even more help keeping them separated, you can use a layered necklace connector.

7. Textured Hoop Earrings

I love a different take on a classic piece. Recently I’ve been obsessed with square or rectangle hoop earrings but now I’m eyeing up some fun and funky, textured hoop earrings. They are almost like a statement earring but not as big. They just add a unique twist to the hoop earring.

Your turn! What Pretty Fix piece is your favorite?

The Outfit Formulas® Winter 2021 Capsule Wardrobe guide includes 30+ days of casual outfit ideas with “dress it up” and “dress it down” tips so that these looks work for every lifestyle! You also get an easy-to-follow shopping list of budget-friendly classic essentials and on-trend items, including accessories!