SAHMonday: Weeknight Date Night

Welcome to another edition of SAHMonday – weekly outfit inspiration just for the stay at home and work from home moms of the world (like me!) who aren’t heading out of the house on Monday morning.  You can check out the other outfits in this series here.

These outfits are perfect for when you want to feel comfortable, yet put together, so that you can face the day and any errands you may need to run.  Plus, most of these outfit formulas can be pulled straight from your closet.  If you don’t have my exact pieces, that’s ok.  Just use one of the substitutions that I recommend.

Consider this a “cheat week”

Ok, ok, let me have it.  I deserve it.  This is NOT exactly a SAHMonday outfit.

For one thing, who’s wearing peep toe booties for a day at home?  Not this lady, no siree.

But after posting the pieces of my Valentine’s weeknight date night look last week, I got a lot of requests to see it “in real life”.

But first, I have a couple of confessions to make.

Confession #1:  I did not, in fact wear this for our Valentine’s date night.  No, no, no.  Mother Nature decided that after a few lovely 80 degree February days we definitely needed to have a cold, rainy, windy, 40 degree Valentine’s Day.  No sheer blouse and peep toes for this girl.  🙁

Confession #2:  I did, in fact wear this for dinner out with two of my team GYPO members Kathryn and Tiffany (shout out to both!) who make up the most amazing team in the world and support me in SO many different ways.  Mainly, I’ve discovered, to shield me from mean e-mails. 🙂 But that’s another story for a different day. Kathryn and Tiffany were in Dallas for a little GYPO retreat last weekend.  We got to not be moms (they both have little littles) and hang out at the spa and (mostly) not talk work and bond for a few hours and it was simply lovely.

OK, back to the outfit.  Just for the record (and so Kathryn and Tiffany don’t have to protect me from mean e-mails) you (and I) could totally wear this for a day at home.  Just swap out the booties for a pair of flats and it’s instantly casual.  The top is really comfy and so are the jeans!

P.S.  Just in case that didn’t help, I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled casual wear next week. 🙂

Striped Blouse + Frayed Hem Jeans + Tassel Necklace + Peep Toe Booties




[Blouse:  Same/Jeans:  Same/Necklace:  Same/Flats: Booties]

Substitutions and Shopping Options: 

Striped Blouse:  Any striped blouse, top or tee.  Shopping Options:  1/2/3

Frayed Hem Jeans:  Any frayed hem jeans.  Shopping Options:  1/2/3

Tassel Necklace:  Any long pendant necklace.  Shopping Options:  1/2/3

Peep Toe Booties:  Any neutral flats or booties.  Shopping Options:  1/2/3

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