Summer Hair Challenge | Let it Air Dry

I only get my hair cut twice a year – in June and December.  When I went last month, my stylist kept telling me how badly damaged my ends were.  OK, maybe that has something to do with the fact that I only get my hair cut twice a year.  Or that I tried to ombre my hair at home a few months back.  But more likely it’s due to the fact that my naturally curly hair gets beat into submission twice a week with blowouts and flat ironing.

After my hair cut and a deep conditioning treatment, my tresses were soft, shiny and so much healthier. I am dedicated to holding onto this new found hair health, at least through the rest of summer.  Of course, that will be a challenge with the sun, chlorine from the pool and a beach vacation.

Drastic times call for drastic measures so I’m letting my hair air dry every day for a week.  That’s right, no hot tools, just leave-in conditioner and curls.  I’m going with what God gave me.  Yes, it’s going to be scary for a girl that’s been heat straightening since 1996.  But my hair deserves a break…and so do I.  Those 40 minute blow-outs and flat iron sessions take their toll.

Now this would be no big deal if I had big, pretty bouncy curls that knew how to behave.  But I don’t.  I have small, frizzy, unruly ones that go haywire as the day goes on.  I have yet to find a product that keeps them under control.  (Curly girls – if you have any suggestions, PLEASE leave them in the comments!)

Are you up for the challenge?

I’m issuing the seven day air dry challenge to all of you too.  Drop the hot tools and give your hair a break.  No matter what hair type you have – straight, wavy, frizzy, fine, thin, thick – your hair will thank you for it!  Next week when I get back from vacation, I’ll be posting my results and letting you know how I did with the challenge.  Let me know how you did too!  I might even get brave enough to post pictures of my curly ‘do.

And if you’re one of those girls that’s lucky enough to already have perfect air dried hair, then we all hate you, keep doing what you’re doing.  🙂

It’s Your Turn:  Will you take the seven day air dry challenge with me?   If so, tell me in the comments and let me know what kind of hair you naturally have.

Oh, I’m guest posting over at School Gate Style today.  I hope you’ll drop by and check it out!


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