Ask Alison | Four Cool Ways to Accessorize When it’s Hot

Ask Alison | Four Cool Ways to Accessorize When it’s Hot

Today’s Ask Alison question comes from Ashley at My Food & Fitness Diaries.

Do you have any tips on accessorizing for the summer? Scarves instantly make it easier for me in the fall/winter months, but I’d love some cute accessory ideas for the summer. – Ashley

Ashley, I have this same problem because scarves are my go-to any other time of the year.  But scarves in Texas in the summer?

Only if spontaneous combustion appeals to you.  🙂

This is the time of the year where I pare down my accessories to keep things as simple as possible.  Who wants to pile on the arm candy or wear heavy statement necklaces on a 100 degree day?  I don’t even wear a watch in the dog days of summer.

Here are  four ways to beat the heat and still add some pizazz to your summer outfits.

1.  Hair Accessories

Hair wraps and head bands are two of my favorite ways to add a little interest to a summer outfit.  Since I usually wear my hair up on hot days, it just makes sense to add some kind of fun statement making accessory.  For Four Super Simple Summer Hairstyles, check out this post.

[Gold Braided Hair Wrap]

[Polka Dot Hair Wrap]

2. Embellished Sandals

Footwear as an accessory?  Yes!  Especially when it’s a cute embellished sandal that kicks up your outfit a notch.  Go with something attention getting like this chunky braided rope sandal.

[Gold Braided Sandals]

[Sam Edelman ‘Gigi’]

3.  Statement Earrings

Earrings are a great way to keep your cool while amp-ing up your style.  Don’t be afraid to go big and bold for summer.

[Kendra Scott ‘Elle’ in Chalcedony]

[Blue Cluster Drop Earrings]

4.  Long Necklaces

The key with summer accessories is to make as little contact with your skin as possible.  For this very reason, long pendant necklaces take the place of statement necklaces as my summer go-to.  They look great with simple tank tops and t-shirts.

[Kendra Scott ‘Rayne’ in White Pearl]

[Boho Stone Pendant Necklace]

It’s Your Turn:  What’s your favorite way to beat the heat and still look cute for summer?  Do you have a question you’d like to see answered in a future Ask Alison?  Tell me in the comments!


Work Wear Header 2

If you’re on my style challenge notifications list, you got an announcement this morning that registration for the Work Your Work Wear Challenge opens next Monday.  This challenge is going to be perfect for teachers or anyone who works in a business casual office environment.  The timing will be perfect for back to school!

As always, you’ll get a shopping list and 21 days of mix and match outfit combos. If your work wardrobe could use a refresh, be sure to sign up and join the fun.  It will make getting dressed every a day a no-brainer, your daily outfit gets e-mailed to you the night before so you can have it ready to go.  Enter your e-mail address HERE to be the first to know when registration opens.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the Work Wear Challenge, ask away in the comments.  I’ll be sure to answer each one.

Getting my pretty on with Fashion FridayThe Pleated Poppy and  Monday Mingle.

Ask Alison | Four Simple Summer Hairstyles

Ask Alison | Four Simple Summer Hairstyles

Today’s Ask Alison question was posted in the Summer Style Me Pretty Challenge Facebook group from one of the challengers.

I could use some cute, easy ways to style my hair up for summer.  Nothing too crazy that requires an extra set of hands or a ton of products.  All of the ones on Pinterest say they’re easy but then they end up being 17 steps.  Help!  – Ashley

Well, Ashley you’re in luck because all of my hairstyles take seconds to master.  Yes, you read that right, SECONDS.  Most of them are only three steps.  How’s that for super simple?

You just need to start out with clean, dry hair.  Actually one of them only requires your hair to be clean, not dry and with the others it can be dirty.  So scratch that.

I told you this would be easy, right?

Sound too good to be true?  Then watch this quick video I put together with my four super simple summer hairstyles.  These are my go-to hairstyles when it’s just too hot to make much of an effort.

It’s Your Turn:  Do you have a question you’d like to see answered in a future Ask Alison post?  If so, leave it in the comments below.

Getting my pretty on with Fashion Friday.

Ask Alison | Style my Ball Gown

Ask Alison | Style my Ball Gown

It’s time for Ask Alison, my regular feature where I provide virtual styling solutions for your fashion questions.  This week’s question comes from Stacy.

Hi Alison, I am borrowing a gown for a Mardi Gras Ball. It is a classic chocolate brown sheath. I would love to update it a bit with jewelry, but still be classic. Could you give me a few ideas? – Stacy

 Lucky you, Stacy!  What a fun event and gorgeous gown.  Chocolate brown always looks so rich and elegant.  There are many accessorizing options for this gown.  Here are three different ways that I came up with to accessorize it without overpowering it.

Black + Brown – I have a real thing for this combo this year.  It looks fresh and unexpected.

Classic – You can’t go wrong with a classic crystal combo.

Modern – The turquoise in the earrings and bright gold necklace perfectly compliment chocolate brown.

And the winner is…

 The Modern Combo

Here’s Stacy all dressed up for the big night.  She looks gorgeous!

 [Accessories from Versona]

It’s Your Turn:   Is there a special event in your future that you could use some styling help with?  Do you have an item in your closet that you love but aren’t quite sure how to style?  Would you like some fresh ideas to bust out of your outfit rut?  Well I have a solution for that! I’m excited to announce that I’m now offering affordable virtual styling services.  For more information, click HERE.


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Getting my pretty on with The Pleated Poppy.

Ask Alison | Style my Yellow Jeans

Ask Alison | Style my Yellow Jeans

Hello, pretties!   I have a special guest to introduce to you today.  Her name is Sarah and she’s the spunky sweetheart behind Tucker Up.  She’s a newlywed (6 months ago), just moved into her first home and shows us her budget friendly ways to look great and makes pretty things.  She’s a super cute total package and I have a feeling you’re going to love her too!
 Hey Y’all, I’m Sarah from Tucker Up. I am super-duper excited to be hangin’ out over here at Get Your Pretty On!  

Just to fill you in on my little life I will give you a quick rambling of what Tucker Up is composed of. For starters, I live with my hunky husband in a suburb of Dallas. We have two pups (full grown dogs) named Wrigley and Bailey. We bought our first house in April and then Tucker Up was born in order to have an organized space to rant about the life of a newly married couple settling into their first home.  

When Alison asked me to “get my pretty on” I got pretty nervous because, well, if you haven’t noticed, she has pretty awesome fashion. After much deliberation about what kind of outfit I wanted to showcase, I decided on doing a general outfit post. I know bor-ring, but this outfit is perfect for “winter” in Texas, and it is literally one of my favorite outfits. ever. Hey, that counts for something, right?! 

Ya see…here in the dirty south it doesn’t get that cold. We have cold days here and there, but I have been know to wear shorts on Christmas. I loveee (like literally love) this outfit to pieces because it is wintery enough, yet I am not in a sweater…because, well, a sweater isn’t really needed much in Texas! Did I also mention that this outfit is full of color, much like my personality?? Ha!

 The shirt is from Francesca’s (aka Franny’s as I call it). Lu-uvvv it. It is “long-sleeved” yet sheer, so it looks as though I dressed for winter, yet this shirt could easily be a spring and summer shirt. Score. Winning. Makes me wanna holla like a balla! 

The mustard jeans are from Target. These jeans are pretty thin, but who can resist mustard colored jeans? Ummm, no one. Hello? Have you seen Pinterest lately? If you don’t have colored jeans you bess get on it, gurl! 

Oh, and these boots…let a girl tell ya ’bout her boots. The grey-babies were 40% off at Franny’s making them a whopping $40. FORTY dollars people. That is like striking gold, I’d even stretch it to platinum. The red-seamed zipper up the back makes me giddy like a school girl crushin’ on her man boy at the playground. Ahh, love.  

At first I thought this outfit resembled that of a clown incognito. Then I realized that is basically me, a walking clown, and proud of it. The bright colors cheer up a dreary winter day and I am in a happy mood right when the fabric hits my bod.   

So, what do ya think?! Would you ‘clown’ it up with me? I bet Alison would 🙂 

Thanks, again, for Alison for having me over here at her oh-so fashionable blog! 

Well, Sarah, pull up the clown car and bust out the red noses.  I’d love to clown it up with you anyday, girl!  You and your outfit instantly put me in a great mood.  Your sunny yellow pants and color pairings are sure to make anyone smile.  Hmm, I’ve never told someone their pants make me smile.  🙂
Thanks so much for sharing your fun personality and your style with us today!
I have a special Ask Alison for you that fits perfectly with Sarah’s guest post…

Hi Alison!  I bought a pair of mustard yellow jeans at the end of summer.  They worked great for fall but I’m running out of ideas for how to pair them up for winter and I want to get more use from them.  Can you give me some fresh suggestions for cooler weather?  Thanks – Jenn B. 

Hey Jenn!  Yellow jeans are so much fun and their life can definitely be extended into the winter months.  There’s nothing better than adding a little sunshine to your outfit on a winter’s day, am I right? Here are some warm and cozy ideas for pairing them up.    

1.  Dot your I’s – Polka dots in blue hues are the perfect compliment to these pants.

2.  Color block it – Add a color blocked scarf to this look, pair with a solid top in a complimentary color for instant style.

3.  Stripes are nice – A cozy striped cardi or sweater adds the perfect amount of fun.  Pair with a tee or tank in a primary color.

4.  Graphic animals – the graphic print of this animal sweater is a cute way to add some warmth to your day.

5.  Chunky prints – This warm sweater with mixed graphics is the perfect partner for these pants.

[Mustard Yellow Jeans:  Dillard’s]


It’s Your Turn: How are you pairing up mustard yellow jeans this winter? Tell us in the comments!

Ask Alison | Style My Striped Cardi

Ask Alison | Style My Striped Cardi

It’s time for Ask Alison, my feature where I answer reader submitted questions about style challenges.   Here’s today’s dilemma:

Hi Alison.  I have a Payday Pretty purchase – a pink and beige striped cardigan from H&M.  I can’t figure out a good way to pair it up with anything.  I’ve tried a white oxford and a chambray shirt, but it just doesn’t look pulled together.  Can you help? – Judy

First off, yay for your Payday Pretty! I get super excited every time someone tells me they’re participating.  Like, pee my pants excited!

Of course, I’d love to help out.  Since I couldn’t find your exact cardigan online, I took the photo you sent me and styled a similar one.  These two different looks for work and play both incorporate one of my favorite trends – mixing stripes with polka dots.

Work – Layer the cardigan over a mini polka dot printed sheer blouse.  Pair it up with dress pants and suede pumps.  Add some layered necklaces, an armful of bangles and a dangly pair of chandelier earrings to complete out this office ready look.

Play – Start with a lightweight long and lean t-shirt for your base.  Pair it up with some light pink skinny jeans and tie on a ruffled polka dot scarf.  Finish off this look with suede booties and a simple beaded bracelet and earrings.


It’s Your Turn:  Do you have a style challenge you need help with?  Submit it HERE and you could see it answered on the blog!

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