Casual Chic Outfit Basics | The Ultimate White Jeans Guide

Casual Chic Outfit Basics | The Ultimate White Jeans Guide

Without a doubt, the best ideas always come from readers.  I mean, you guys are brilliant!  When I get several requests for the same post idea, I know it’s going to be a winner.

A few weeks ago, that happened.  In the same day, I got a lot of requests for a post dedicated to white jeans.  You asked me to find the best brands and how to pair them up – and you want a pair with good “coverage” on your derriere without any show-through.  Yes!  That’s very important to me too.  🙂

Let’s kick things off with this great question from a sweet reader, Ashley:

I’m wondering when is the appropriate time to start wearing white jeans.  Maybe you could weigh in on that in your white jeans post?

Well my answer might surprise you – and I’m sure to get a little flack and push back on this – but the right time for white jeans is ALL the time.  The old style rules no longer apply, white jeans look fresh any time of the year.  But if you don’t believe me, then check out this case I’ve built for wearing white jeans year-round.

White Jeans for All Seasons









Here are some ways I’ve paired mine up throughout the past year.

alison-white-jeans-outfitsOK, so now that you’re (hopefully) convinced that there’s not a wrong time to wear them, let’s get to some shopping options.  I spent two days this past week trying on every pair of white jeans I could find in Dallas to find the perfect pair and I’m pretty sure I succeeded.  Most of my reviews are for skinny jeans because that’s all I could find in white.  The stores didn’t seem to be fully stocked up for spring and summer yet.  But I did get a pretty good sampling to share with all of you, so let’s get down to business.

white-jeans-guide-2014The White Jeans Face Off

Each pair of jeans I tried on was evaluated on three criteria Fit, Coverage and Price.

Fit – True to size or not.  I wear a 27 in almost every brand of jeans and expect to be able to walk into a store or order them online and have my regular size fit.  In some brands though, I had to go up or down a size for a good fit.

Coverage – a.k.a Thickness of the denim.  Many of you expressed frustration over white jeans not providing enough coverage, especially on the backside.

Price – Low End are up to $50, Mid-Range are $50-$100 and High End are $100+

Overall Score – On a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best, this is my overall rating for each pair.

Disclaimer:  Please keep in mind that these are only my opinions.  What works for me (or doesn’t) may be totally different for you. Every woman has a different body and we all have our own criteria for what makes a great pair of jeans.

Banana Republic

Banana Republic Skinny[Banana Republic:  White Skinny Jean]

This pair of jeans didn’t start the day off very well.  The fit could only be described as weird.  They were too tight through the hips but too big at the waist.  The material was very thin (lots of pocket show through in the front) and they were WAY overpriced for the quality.  Apparently I’m not the only one who doesn’t dig them – the ratings weren’t that great online either.

Fit:  Too small in the hips, too large in the waist.

Coverage:  Too Thin

Price:  Mid-Range

Overall Score:  5

They left me feeling like this.


And singing this.  🙂

I’ll bet you’ll have that song in your head the rest of the day.

Old Navy

Old Navy Diva[Old Navy:  The Diva]

Store two, strike two.  Again, way too thin (check out those pockets in the front).  I know that Banana Republic and Old Navy are owned by the same company so maybe they use the same denim.  I’m not a fan of distressing either and all of their white jeans in store were distressed.  Also, I’ve never been able to find the right fit in Old Navy’s jeans.  If I buy my regular size, they are too tight but if I go up a size they are too big.  I should’ve tried some of their other fits like the Sweetheart or the Flirt but they were all made of the same denim which was already a deal breaker.

Fit:  Too small, sizing up didn’t help.  Next size up was too large.

Coverage:  Too Thin

Price:  Low End

Overall Score:  3


Target High Waist Skinny[Mossimo:  High Waist Skinny Jeans]

These jeans got nicknamed the “Moon Jeans” because of their lack of coverage and subsequent display of every “crater” on my backside!  Needless to say, this was the worst of the bunch which was really disappointing.  My favorite pair of white ankle jeans are from Target.  I bought them last year, unfortunately they changed them up.

Fit:  True to size.

Coverage:  Worst of the worst.

Price:  Low End

Overall Score:  1


Loft Skinny[Loft:  Curvy Skinny]

Loft Modern Skinny[Loft:  Ankle Skinny]

Loft Curvy Skinny[Loft:  Modern Skinny]

Loft Modern Straight[Loft:  Modern Straight]

Loft turned the day around for me.  Hallelujah!  I tried on several pairs and loved them all, including my favorite above – the Modern Straight.  I wasn’t even going to try the straight on but the associate insisted.  I’m so glad she did!

Fit:  Runs large, I went down a size in all of them.  They fit perfectly in the next size down.

Coverage:  Great, good thickness.

Price:  Mid-Range

Overall Score:  8


It’s true…you get what you pay for and with white jeans this was definitely the case.  Every single pair of jeans at Nordstrom had incredible coverage and the fit was almost spot on every time.

J. Brand

j-brand-white-jeans[J. Brand ‘Rail’ Skinny Jeans]

I liked that these have a higher waist.  It’s nice to bend down in a pair of jeans and not worry about exposure on the backside.  The denim had great coverage but it was nice and soft too.

Fit:  True to size.

Coverage:  Perfect thickness.

Price:  High End

Overall Score:  8

Paige Denim

paige-white-jeans[Paige ‘Skyline’ Skinny Jeans]

I’m a huge fan of Paige jeans.  They just fit me so well, so I knew I would love these.  My only disappointment is that they seem to run a little smaller in white than they do in my regular dark wash Skyline skinny jeans.

Fit:  A little on the small side, I should’ve gone up a size.

Coverage:  Perfect thickness.  Good quality denim.

Price:  High End

Overall Score:  9


hudson-white-jeans[Hudson Jeans ‘Collette’ Skinny Jeans]

These jeans fit more like a jegging.  They were super soft and comfortable and the coverage was great, especially for a jegging, but I wanted something that felt more like denim.

Fit:  True to Size.

Coverage:  Good, especially for a jegging.

Price:  High End

Overall Score:  7

Kut from the Kloth

kut-from-the-cloth-white-jeans-mia[Kut from the Kloth ‘Mia’]

Kut from the Kloth got two entries in the white jeans face off.  Their jeans just fit my body type really well.  I have a pair of the Mia jeans in mint and love them but the white seemed to run a little tighter.

Fit:  A little small.  I went up a size but they were still really tight on my calves.  My sisters and I joke that we don’t have calves, we have cows!

Coverage:  Great!  One of the thickest brands I tried.

Price:  Mid-Range

Overall Score:  8

kut-from-the-kloth-brigitte[Kut from the Kloth ‘Brigitte’]

I liked the Brigitte better than the Mia.  The fit was a little nicer, they didn’t squeeze my calves to death.  Although I’m not a fan of the distressing.  There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just not my thing.

Fit:  A little small.  I went up a size.

Coverage:  Great!  One of the thickest brands I tried.

Price:  Mid-Range

Overall Score:  8

Citizens of Humanity

citizens-of-humanity-white-jeans[Citizens of Humanity Skinny Ankle Jeans]

Have you ever slipped on a pair of jeans and just knew they were “The One”?  I fell hard in love.  Darn me and my expensive tastes!  This picture does NOT do them justice but this pair of jeans surpassed my expectations in every possible way.  They sit just right on my hips and the ankle length is perfect for flip flops, sandals and wedges.  They held me in in all the right places too, especially on the backside.  🙂

Fit:  True to size.

Coverage:  Perfect thickness.

Price:  High End

Overall Score:  10

The Winners:

Low End (Under $50) – None

The biggest disappointment was not being able to find a decent quality pair at the low end.  Last year I had luck at Target but no dice this time around.  There should be more options as we get closer to warmer weather.  If any of you have found a great pair in this category, please tell us about them in the comments!  The good thing is, even if you do have to spend a little more, once you have a perfect pair of white jeans, you won’t need another pair for awhile.  They are worth it on a cost per wear basis.

Mid-Range ($50-$100)

Loft – The Modern Straight

Loft Modern Straight[Loft: Modern Straight]

This was a total surprise.  I normally wear only skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans and haven’t owned a pair of straight jeans in years.  These straight jeans combined the best of both worlds.  They are ever so slightly slouchy, yet tapered enough.  They are super cute cuffed with flats or wedges or uncuffed with heels.  I will be adding these to my collection.

Kut from the Kloth ‘Brigitte’

kut-from-the-kloth-brigitte[Kut from the Kloth ‘Brigitte’]

Surprised myself here too, I’m not a big fan of the distressing but otherwise these are just a really great pair of white jeans.  They had some of the thickest denim of any that I tried.

High End ($100+)

Paige ‘Skyline’ Skinny Jeans

paige-white-jeans[Paige ‘Skyline’ Skinny Jeans]

No surprises here, I’ve always been a fan of Paige denim.  This is just an all-around great pair of jeans although I would want to get them altered, they’re a little on the long side (I’m 5’5″ for reference).  At least Nordstrom does free alterations!

And the Perfect White Jeans goes to…

Citizens of Humanity Skinny Ankle Jeans

citizens-of-humanity-white-jeans[Citizens of Humanity Skinny Ankle Jeans]

This was the all-around winner and the only pair that earned a perfect 10.  Yes, the price is high but I’m going to suck it up and get them because I’ll wear them year-round for a long time.  I love the length too.  Totally worth the splurge!

The Perfect Spring Scarf

I also brought these two pretties home from my trip to Nordstrom.  They will be perfect with white jeans for spring.

Floral-Scarves-Spring[Black Floral Scarf/Green Floral Scarf]

Now that we have the perfect jeans, let’s talk about what we need to go with them.

Neutral Wedges

 I have a feeling this is going to be my official wedge of spring/summer.  These A2 by Aerosoles espadrilles are new at Target!  They loo so comfy and come in four different colors.

[A2 by Aerosoles Espadrille]

Colorful Cardigan

[Mossimo Boyfriend Cardigan]

Striped Tee

[Drapey Scoop Neck Tee]

Floral Scarf

[Floral Scarf]

Bright Tunic

[Merona Popover Tunic]

Leopard Sandals

[Sam Edelman Leopard Sandals]

Whew!  Well, I hope that gives all of you a better idea of what’s out there and gives you some guidance for your own white jeans purchase.  Have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday for another Daily Style Diary recap!

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