Teen Bedroom Makeover | Budget Style

When you become a teen in our home, you also get the privilege of choosing your own grown up theme and redecorating your bedroom.  Our middle daughter turned thirteen this year, so we spent the months before (and after) her birthday searching for room re-do ideas.  She knew one thing for sure, it HAD to be green, black and white.  That made the process a little easier.  From that evolved this chic black and white Parisian influenced look with bright apple green walls.

It took several months to finish but we found everything within our budget at some really surprising places.  The  Salvation Army Store turned out to be a treasure trove.  We already had her black bed so that helped out our budget.

[Bedding:  Homegoods, Table Lamps:  Walmart, Rug:  Walmart, Throw Pillows:  Target and Ross]

[Futon:  Walmart, Throw:  Marshall’s, Coffee Table:  Salvation Army Store (repainted), Paris Box:  Homegoods, Glass Bowl:  Ross]

[Dresser:  Walmart, Lamp:  TJ Maxx, Basket:  Ross, Wall Hanging:  Ross, Jewelery Box:  Walmart] 

[Chandelier Decal with Crystals:  Target]

[Wall Hangings:  Salvation Army Store] 

[Mannequin:  Homegoods, Nightstand and Lamp:  Walmart, Picture Frame:  Marshall’s]

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