The Perfect Accessories for the Most Perfect Day

By Kacey Maya

Planning a wedding is a big undertaking, you and your fiancé need to consider who you’re going to invite, the date and place as well as how you’re going to pay for it all.

But in the crush of it all don’t forget about you — you can get lost or overlooked with all the other details your juggling. Make sure to take and make the time to consider the details of your wedding day look, because you want to ensure your accessories compliment your dress, style and personality.

Here are five different types of accessories you should consider to coordinate with your nuptial gown:

Like your wedding dress, the footwear that you pick to wear on the big day is going to be on all day long. You’ll need to actually be able to wear the shoes for the ceremony, photos and reception.

Comfort should factor into your shoe choice but style and personality should factor in as well. In fact, many brides add in some personality with unique footwear. Add a hint of color with a bright shoe that peeks out from underneath the gown’s fabric. If you’re big into sports or fitness, maybe a pair of runners would foot the bill (pun intended!).

If you’ve always dreamed of having high heels on when you walk down the aisle, then find a pair that you love the look of but can also handle wearing for all of the day’s festivities.

You want to look your best on your wedding day — everyone is looking at you and countless photos are being snapped by a professional photographer as well as innumerable relatives.

To keep your look fresh, you can bring along a clutch. The small purse or bag is a handy and stylish way to have a supply of lip color, cover up, a small mirror and other make-up essentials for on-the-spot touch ups.

You don’t need to hide the bag, you can integrate it into your whole look and let it reveal your personality. There are countless designs and styles of clutches available to pair with your dress, hint at the theme of the wedding and/or show off your personality.


Adding a little bit of sparkle to your look is simply and beautifully accomplished with some jewelry. To ensure the jewelry compliments the dress and doesn’t battle with it — consider the neckline, color, the era and style of your dress.   Each of these will factor into what kind of jewelry you opt for — if you keep them in mind, you’ll be sure to select pieces that will only boost your look.

Cover Up
Of course you hope the weather is perfect on your wedding day — not too hot or cold, windy or rainy, sunny but not too sunny. When is that ever going to happen?!

The key is to be prepared and having a cover up is a big part of that. Cover ups come in many styles and designs from a shawl to a scarf, blazer or jacket. It will enable you to keep warm if the weather is cool, or the air conditioning in the reception is too cold. It can also shield you from getting a sunburn while you’re waiting around for the next photo with the wedding party.

The cover up can also add visual interest to your look or a pop of color or sparkle.


Not very many people are going to get the privilege of seeing this accessory — it is exclusively for you and your betrothed. Plus you don’t want to wear an old pair of underwear on your wedding night.

Take the time to find undergarments you like but won’t interfere with your dress and its fit. The lingerie will be a little added surprise for your new spouse on your special day.

Accessories are one major way to personalize your look on your wedding day. The small touches add personality and hints of who you are for all to see.

As you organize, budget and orchestrate the thousands of details for your nuptials make sure to devote some time and imagination to the details of your look. Like the love you share with your fiancé, your wedding style is like no other and that should be celebrated.


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