Three Ways to Wear Jogger Pants

Of all the trends on the Fall 2016 GYPO Style Challenge shopping list, the jogger has to be the most controversial. I mean I’m supposed to be helping you out of the yoga pants rut, not enabling you with super comfy pants to take their place!

But the biggest obstacle to overcome is many of you don’t think they’re age appropriate or just “aren’t for you”. Maybe because you’ve seen your teenagers wearing them (raises hand).  I didn’t think they were for me either until I tried my first pair and now I’m hooked!

I love joggers not just for their extreme comfort but also their versatility.  You can wear them to work out but there’s so much more to them than that.  Check out these three ways you can wear your joggers as work wear, weekend wear and yes, workout wear too.  The pair I styled in these three outfits is from Fabletics.

1.  Work Wear

Joggers for work? Absolutely!  They’re great for work wear and date nights.  Just pair them up with ankle boots or heels and a slouchy tee or blouse, half tucked into the front.  Pile on the accessories and BOOM – instantly chic.


Here’s how I paired up my black joggers for a recent date night.


[T-shirt:  Similar/Joggers:  Same/Ankle Boots:  Similar/Earrings:  Same/Short Necklace:  Same/Long Necklace:  Same/Watch:  Same]

2.  Weekend Wear

Joggers were made for weekends.  Grab your favorite sweatshirt and slip on your comfy sneakers.  A few gold accessories add polish.


[Sweatshirt:  Similar/Joggers:  Same/Sneakers:  Similar/Watch:  Same/Short Necklace:  Same/Long Necklace:  Same/Sunglasses:  Same]

3.  Work Out Wear

My joggers are a staple in my favorite dog walking outfit.  Pair them with a colorful sports bra under a white tank and add in your favorite tennies.


[Tank:  Same/Sports Bra:  Same/Joggers:  Same/Watch:  Same/Sneakers:  Same]

It’s Your Turn:  How do you feel about the joggers trend?  Tell me in the comments!


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