Mom Style | Three Ways to Wear Colored Denim

Love the colored denim trend but aren’t sure how to pull it off without looking like your teenaged daughter?  I’m in love with it too and am excited to see retailers like Loft and other “grown-up” stores carrying mom-appropriate fits.  But what do you pair them with to create a put-together look that isn’t over the top?

1.  Pair colored denim with neutrals.  Let your bright jeans be the star.  By pairing with neutral tops and shoes, you can allow the personality of the colored denim to shine.  Beige, black, white and gray all look fantastic with brightly hued bottoms and won’t compete for the spotlight.

2.  Add some animal print.  You knew this one was coming – I put animal print with everything.  It’s a neutral in my style book and works great on cardigans, jackets, tops, shoes or belts paired with colored denim.  Just make sure you keep all of your other accessories solid and wear only one piece of animal print at a time.

3.  Color block it!  Bright with bright?  Why not!  As long as you keep everything else simple you can pull it off.  Try a neon yellow top with turquoise jeans or a bright orange top with red jeans.  Play around with different color blocking combos to maximize the outfit potential of your colored denim jeans.

Colored jeans are an easy and versatile way to update your wardrobe.  Find them in your favorite fit and don’t be afraid to try this very mom-appropriate trend.

It’s Your Turn:  Have you tried the colored denim trend?  What’s your favorite way to wear colored jeans?