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By now, you’ve probably heard that neon is a big trend for spring.  But can moms wear neon?

According to my 8 year-old daughter, the answer is no.

When I picked up this highlighter yellow shirt a few days ago, my youngest daughter Ava said “I hope you’re buying that for Aubrey (her 14 year-old sister), because there’s no such thing as a ‘neon mom’.”

Well, Ava, I beg to differ. 🙂

[Military Jacket:  Kohl’s (similar)/Tee:  Forever 21 (similar)/Necklace:  Forever 21/Jeans:  Target/Sandals:  Target (similar)]

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It’s Your Turn:  Are you a neon mom too?  How are you incorporating neon into your spring looks?  Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Morgan

    I love it! I am going to get some neon for spring for sure! I love it, my girls like to comment on my fashion as well…

  2. Shay Shull

    Oh gosh…Ava would flip if she saw my wardrobe…it practically glows in the dark!

    I love yellow on you! And I love the military jacket paired with your yellow :).

  3. Jennifer

    Love the outfit. The yellow looks great with the army green.

  4. Betsy

    oh YES! Love the neon! Paired it with a pair or white jeans just yesterday! (Orange in my case) Can you tell me what “style” those jeans are? I need a pair of boyfriend jeans but on a budget!


    • Alison

      Hi Betsy! Those jeans are the Mossimo brand skinny boyfriend jean from Target. I bought them a size bigger so they would be slouchier. They are my new favorite jeans and only $24.99!

  5. Saxon

    LOVE your outfit! The army jacket with the neon is fantastic. I was wearing a neon pink tee the other day. My husband said, “Boy, you’re bright. I can hardly look at you.” LOL We can count on our family members for honesty, can’t we? 😉

  6. Sheaffer

    The second I saw your picture I knew Shay would be commenting about your neon! Well, you know I LOVE the military jacket….and you look great in your neon yellow!

  7. H&K Style Journey

    Yes, I am a neon mom! You rocked this look and I love your hair up like this. My seven year old is pretty rough with me too when it comes to fashion 🙂

  8. Niki

    I disagree with Ava (although she sounds adorable) – you are rocking the neon!!!

  9. Annette

    Haha, laughing about your daughter’s comment 😉
    You look gorgeous in neon and you styled it “down” (in the best way!) with your khaki jacket and jeans. Love your look.

    I wore a hint of neon here

    Lady of Style

  10. Emily

    I love your outfit! I have a serious thing for military jackets and the neon yellow is perfect with yours. You look great!

  11. Andrea

    Oh my goodness, I love this and a neon mom.. yes! I just bought a pink one & now I want a yellow too. The military jacket is great!

  12. Rachel G

    ahahahaha! That’s hilarious! Me and my sisters have kind of done the opposite–we’ve encourage my Mom over the years to start dressing in current fashions, and it worked! 😛

  13. Jules

    Neon Mom!!! That jacket makes it amazing. And LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! xoxo jules

  14. Katie

    The pop of color is so great for spring, I think! And I am so envious of those gorgeous cherry blossoms behind you in your photos…

  15. Jyoti from Style Delights

    LOL @ your daughter’s answer!!! Her verdict may be no, but you totally are rocking neon!! Love this jacket too! Hope you are having a wonderful day! ANd good luck with Wallis!
    Style Delights Blog

  16. Kara Beam

    I love this look on you! And that top knot is great 🙂 You are one stylin’ momma! voted for you!

  17. Jeannie

    Love your daughter’s comment! They’re brutally honest, aren’t they?
    Can you get any prettier? You really look to be around 20 something….serious envy!
    I adore your look! Perfect for a spring weekend!

  18. Lisa DeAngelo

    What a great look! I noticed that many of your jeans some from Target and I was curious what sytle/fit worked best for you? Good Luck with Wallis~ I voted for you!!

    Thank you,

  19. Katie

    I am loving neon yellow lately! I love your topknot and boyfriend jeans. You look great!

    Style Diary

  20. Vodka Infused Lemonade

    I totally think moms can wear neon. We can wear anything we want to. Love your outfit. I’m doing a link up this Thursday April 11. Show me your favorite spring trend. Woudl love it if you joined. I’m also giving away a $300 gift card to Gap. Check it out.


  21. Jenna

    Oof. I just can’t go there. Living through neon in the 80’s was enough for me.

    THOUGH I do wear some neon when I’m running, but that’s mostly so I don’t get run over.

  22. Carly

    LOVE that color on you and especially paired w the military inspired jacket. Perfect casual look!

  23. peggy

    So funny! i love it. The other day when I wore my Prabal Gurung for Target sweatshirt my daughter said “do you think you are a hip-hop rapper now?” hahaha

  24. brooke @ what2wear

    moms can TOTALLY wear neon!!! love this 🙂
    brooke @ what2wear

  25. Silvergirl

    i think everyone can get away with a little neon!

  26. Kristin

    I wrote a post for Momtends on neon for moms! It’s a big DO in my book and you’ve proved that here. LOVE!

  27. Red Tag Chic Los Angeles

    Hahaha your kid is so funny & smart. But she is wrong….we all can wear neon & you are looking sweet & lovely in it !!! I finally got my Wallis dress…..hope you could check it out & lemme know what u think Alison!! 🙂


  28. Ginny

    Yo look gorgeous! Heck yes, moms can wear neon! Your daughter cracks me up though 🙂

  29. Sherry

    Wow!! GORGEOUS! You look so pretty!!!

  30. Jenn

    Well I think you proved her wrong, now didn’t you? I love this look!
    With Luck Blog

  31. Evani

    You look great in neon! You definitely proved her wrong!

  32. Leelee

    Yellow is always in style, no matter your age or anything else. It reminds me of sunshine.

  33. Priscila

    LOVE everything about this outfit. And to think few short months ago I couldn’t care less about neon! You look radiant.

  34. Priscila

    p.s.: neon moms rule!

  35. Jan Graham-McMillen

    Me? Not so much, but like Al Pacino said “I’m just getting started.” Lots of summer to try it, but I wonder if it’s OK to be a neon-granny? Perhaps away from the face.
    But you look fabulous. Of course, the khaki jacket, classic jeans and sandals took it down a notch, but I can see it with print skinnies and silver flats, perhaps … ow a swingy summer skirt?
    Your daughters have no idea how lucky they are to have your genes!

  36. Margaret

    I am a huge fan of neon yellow. Love this outfit and how you styled it.

  37. Sukhi

    I have a neon yellow shirt that I have been wearing too many days a week. :p Of course mom’s can carry this trend, who doesn’t love seeing colors on people around them. Bright colors = bright smiles!

  38. Lyddiegal

    neon is definitely one of my favorite trends – it’s so fun to wear!

  39. peggy

    These Target jeans look amazing on you! I bought them, then returned. Couldn’t decide if they were good on me. Thanks for linking up for Thursday Target Threads!

  40. Amber

    Hi! I found your blog through Agi’s linkup today and the giveaway. I am in love with this yellow top + boyfriend jeans combo! Your daughters sound hilarious, but they probably just want to borrow from your closet, right? =) I am following you on Bloglovin now, and would really appreciate if you can check out my blog too when you have a chance:

    Thanks so much!


  41. Pippa

    You look FANTASTIC! Plus love the pink tree behind you … its PERFECT for spring! pippa



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