Payday Pretty | In the Clutch

I have one rule for handbags…the bigger, the better.

My bag is so big, I’ve nicknamed her Large Marge.

Marge isn’t sexy.  She’s utilitarian, a workhorse of a girl filled to the brim with everything under the sun.  She holds it all – from nail files to nail polish, cotton balls to moisturizer.  Heck, I could give makeovers out of her.

I’ve tried going with those petite, cute little purses but they only lasted a day or two before I saddled myself up with Marge again.

 Yet there are times when Marge just isn’t the best companion.  Like the other night when I was getting ready for date night with hubby. A bright clutch would’ve been perfect but I don’t even own one.

So instead I dragged Marge along.  Ugh.

   I think it’s time for some clutch shopping.  Sorry Marge, but mama needs a brand new bag and you are NOT invited along on the next date night.

These are some of the affordable and trendy spring clutches that I’ve got my eye on.


[Neon Studded Envelope Clutch – Target]


[Color Block Clutch – DSW]


[Cheetah Envelope Clutch – A-Thread]


[Kate Landry Stripe Box Clutch – Dillard’s]


[Tribal Print Clutch – Jimmy Jazz]

It’s Your Turn:  Are you a Large Marge or petite purse girl?  Tell me in the comments!

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