Update His Style: Fall 2016 Menswear Bootcamp

Besides capsules for your teens, the second most requested challenge I get is one for the men in your lives – both the young men and the husbands/dads.  I’m thrilled to announce that there is now a GYPO mini-capsule just for the guys – the Fall 2016 Menswear Bootcamp is here!

What’s the Menswear Bootcamp?  It’s a mini-capsule wardrobe just for the guys in your life.  You get a shopping list of classic pieces and on-trend items plus a two week “bootcamp” of mix and match outfit ideas to makeover his look!

As you can imagine, it was no easy task to create a challenge appropriate for young men and the husbands/dads too.   But if you just make minor modifications, I promise you that this one will work for either age group.

Today, I’m sharing two different looks from this mini-capsule – a business casual outfit and a weekend wear look.

Two Days of Menswear Outfits

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.22.13 AM

Outfit 1 (Business Casual):

Gingham Button Down/Gray Chinos/Gray Sweater/Dress Shoes/Watch/Messenger Bag

Outfit 2 (Weekend Wear):

Heather Gray T-shirt/Utility Jacket/Leather Bracelet/Black Jeans/Baseball Hat/Sneakers

Menswear Shopping List + 14 Days of Mix and Match Outfit Ideas

The Fall 2016 Menswear Bootcamp includes a shopping list of classic basics and on-trend items that will instantly update his wardrobe.  There’s also 14 days of mix and match outfit ideas created from pieces on this list.  The best part?  You can update his style for just $19!

Click the image below to sign up now.

Menswear Bootcamp Shopping List