Fall Transition Outfits: Olive Cargo Pants

My fellow moms, last week was a tough one.  We saw our son off to his junior year in college (how is this even possible?) and our daughter started her senior year in high school.  To top things off, we decided to homeschool our youngest daughter this year.  Talk about a lot of transitions at once!  Needless to say, I’ve been an emotional mess and have shed quite a few mom tears lately.

But it’s all good.  The point of raising our kids is to give them the foundation they need to succeed on their own, right?

But why does it have to be SO hard?  🙁

The one thing keeping me sane in this season of life is having friends who’ve been there, done that.  They’ve all assured me that our kids will always need us and that every stage has it’s silver lining.

Craig and I are discovering one of those silver linings that’s been a pleasant by-product…FREEDOM!   We were able to go out for brunch last weekend, just the two of us, which has never happened in our whole marriage. It gave me a glimpse into what our empty nest years might look like, and maybe (just maybe) it’s not going to be so bad.

I pulled out this outfit to wear because it felt “easy like Sunday morning” (now you have that song in your head, right?) My olive cargo pants have been in constant rotation these past few weeks because they’re just so comfy and seem to go with everything. Here’s how I paired them up for “date brunch”.

Fall Transition Outfit

Cargo Pants + Slouchy Tee + Sandals




[Cargo Pants:  Same/Slouchy Tee:  Same/Sandals:  Similar/Tote Bag:  Same/Bracelet:  Same/Short Necklace:  Same/Long Necklace:  Same/Watch:  Same/Watch Band:  Same]



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