Ways to Wear It – Joggers

Hey, Pretties! I am back with another five Ways To Wear It and this one is going to be super timely because I’m styling joggers! Love them or hate them it seems joggers are now basically a part of our daily uniforms. They’ve replaced yoga pants as the new go-to favorite for a comfy casual style. And honestly, I totally get it. I have been living in my joggers and, yes, my yoga pants too ever since the pandemic started. They’re just so easy to throw on and pair up with pieces that I already have in my closet. Today I’m going to show you five ways to wear them with pieces that you might have in your closet to give you some fresh inspiration and some new looks that may turn into your go-to favorites.

Option #1

Gray Top + Black Joggers + Black Sneakers

Here we go with look number one! This is super casual, but exactly how I would style my joggers for a day at home. Especially on a day like today when it’s raining outside and all I want to do is be warm, comfy, and cozy. I’ve got on my joggers with my favorite gray sweatshirt that I got at Banana Republic and I finished it off with my favorite kicks from Nike. These are my favorite shoes I wear for running and I wear them for running errands too.

Also a few tips on your joggers. The pair that I have is from Amazon. They’re made of a more structured and silkier fabric so they’re not your traditional sweatsuit material, which is good. I recommend that your joggers be slightly more structured and not as sloppy looking as your basic pair of sweatpants that you would throw on. I like to pull the cuffs up on mine because I think it gives it a sportier look. These joggers do run a little bit short, I’m pretty sure that they’re capri length.

Option #2

Neutral Cardigan + Graphic Tee + Black Joggers + White Sneakers

Now for look number two! I am busting out some favorite cozy closet staples that I’ve been wearing all winter long. I paired my joggers up with my graphic tee but you could also sub in a plain white tee and topped it off with my cozy cardigan from H&M which I absolutely love! Then I finished off this look with my Adidas sneakers just to give it a sporty, casual vibe. This is super easy and you can swap out these pieces for any tee shirt and cardigan in your closet and any pair of sneakers.

Option #3

Camo Top + Black Joggers + White Sneakers

Outfit number three and this one, super casual too and super easy. I’m going back to camo because I wore my camo sweatshirt all fall and I carried it over to winter and guess what, I’m pretty sure we’re going to be seeing camo for spring too! So hold on to your camo pieces. I paired this up again with my Adidas sneakers to keep it super simple.

Option #4

Denim Jacket + Striped Top + Black Joggers + Snake Print Shoes

Outfit number four has me dreaming of spring. I can’t wait, it’s just around the corner and I know that I’m definitely going to pair up this outfit this spring. I’ve got on my striped artist tee from J.Crew Factory with my basic denim jacket, and I added in my snake print sneakers for a little bit of pattern mix and fun.

Option #5

Black Sweater + Black Joggers + Snake Print Shoes

Outfit number five. Y’all ready for this? Every time we do a five Ways To Wear It I like to find at least one outfit that’s going to be a total comfort zone buster and this is it for me. I would normally not wear joggers dressed up like this, but I’ve seen plenty of bloggers do it and pull it off beautifully. I thought, hey, what the heck, why not try it? This time I paired up my joggers with an off the shoulder cozy, comfy sweater and some snake print heels. Now, you could definitely pull this look off with snake print sneakers or flats and totally do the same thing. It’s still a little bit dressier than your basic sweatshirt or denim jacket and T-shirt and joggers, but it’s a little bit of fun to get dressed up once in a while.

All right, that’s it, five ways to wear joggers. Which way is your favorite? Let me know in the comments and also if you found a favorite way to style your joggers that I did not cover in this video, then please share it with us in the comments.

Check out my full Ways To Wear It video below!