5 Ways to Wear It – The Graphic Tee

I am back with an all-new Five Ways to Wear It! I’m so excited to be back, it’s been way too long. This month I’m going to show you five ways to wear one of my all-time favorite pieces, the graphic tee. I’ve got to extol the virtues of the graphic tees upon you. If you do not have a collection yet, I highly recommend you start one, and here’s why. Graphic tees are awesome in every possible way, seriously, they are. They allow me to show off my personality through what I’m wearing. I’m a T-shirt and jeans kind of girl and graphic tees are my way amp up my look and express things I like. For example, my favorite band, the greatest of all time, the Beatles! You can also choose words or phrases or other things that you love. I love to travel, so I’ve got one with some travel phrases on them. I’ve also got ones with some French on them. They add a little bit of personality and detail to your outfits and they’re such an easy and inexpensive way to update your wardrobe. They’re also going to be perfect as we transition into fall. Now for my Five Ways to Wear a graphic tee!

Option #1

Neutral Cardigan + Graphic Tee + Medium Wash Jeans + Snake Print Shoes

For this first look I paired up my graphic tee with two other new pieces I got for the fall. I got these new high waisted jeans with some cute distressing at the bottom and this cozy sweater, perfect for your fall transition days. You can definitely remove the sweater if it’s still too hot. I finish it off with a pair of snake print mules because snake print is around yet again for fall 2020. 

Option #2

Denim Jacket + Graphic Tee + Kelly Green Skirt + Neutral Shoes

I knew I wanted to do something totally out of my comfort zone with this graphic tee, so the only thing that I could think of was pairing it up with a skirt. I paired it up with this Kelly Green pleated skirt that I got in the spring and I absolutely love this together. I topped it off with a denim jacket. If you’re a warmer climate like I am, may not need the top layer and that’s fine. This outfit can definitely stand along with just these two pieces. Then I finished it off with a pair of neutral sandals. This look is perfect for fall because you can add the jacket for those cooler mornings and then take it off if it gets warmer later in the day!

Option #3

Yellow Cardigan + Graphic Tee + Black Bottoms + Leopard Shoes

Let’s flip it back to another casual outfit that I would totally wear for working from home. I love this outfit so much. Yellow and rust are the big color trends of fall 2020 and if you don’t have one of those colors in your closet yet, then you might want to add one. It’s an easy way to update and refresh your wardrobe a little bit. This time I paired up my Beatles graphic tee with some simple black skinny jeans and a yellow lightweight cardigan that I got at H&M. I love their lightweight cardigan so much because I can wear them year-round. Then I added my leopard print mules because every outfit’s better with a little bit of leopard.

Option #4

Black Moto Jacket + Graphic Tee + Leopard Bottoms + Neutral Shoes

Now, who says you can’t dress up a graphic tee? Not me! I love that you can pair up a casual piece like the graphic tee with a leopard print pencil skirt, moto jacket, and neutral heels and make it look totally office appropriate. Again, it’s just about adding that fun punch of personality and a little bit of detail to the outfit that really defines your style. I absolutely love this outfit so much and the moto jacket on top to give it a little bit of polishing, a little bit of edge. It’s the perfect outfit!

Option #5

Graphic Tee + Olive Bottoms + Snake Print Shoes

For my fifth and final look, I opted out of putting on a top layer and I got to tell you, it was hard because I really, really wanted to. However, I wanted to illustrate to you that a graphic tee can stand on its own because it does add enough interest and details to the outfit that you don’t necessarily need that top layer. You could definitely add the denim jacket, even a chambray shirt, or a moto jacket to this outfit, but it absolutely does not need it. This time I paired my graphic tee up with my olive jeans and some snake print sneakers. It’s the perfect outfit for running errands and getting stuff done.

I have to share with you a little tiny secret. Can you keep a secret? OK, good. This Beatles graphic tee from H&M was the very first piece that I spotted that I knew had to be apart of the Outfit Formulas Fall 2020 Capsule Wardrobe which is going to be released this Friday! You don’t have to get this exact graphic tee, but if you decide to, it is definitely on the shopping list.

Your turn! Do you love graphic tees as much as I do? What’s your favorite graphic tee?

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