Ways to Wear It – The Little Black Dress

I’m not going to lie, this is a little outside my comfort zone because I just don’t really wear dresses much. I will dress up for events and maybe a fancy dinner but for my normal, everyday life you’re not really ever going to see me in a dress. With that said though, the little black dress is truly a classic closet staple even for someone who normally doesn’t wear dresses and if you don’t have one that you love I encourage you to find one that’s a heck yes!

Before I get into the ways to style the little black dress (LBD) I want to tell you a little about this particular LBD. It’s sort of Amazon famous because it fits so well and is really budget-friendly at less than $50. This is a gorgeous dress and I love the quality of it. The length is perfect and again, for the price, you cannot beat this deal. This is an all-purpose dress and I’ve worn it for several dozen events and it’s worked great for all of them.

Now it’s time to show you three ways that you can pair up the LBD whether you need some last-minute Valentine’s Day evening out inspiration or you just want to get dressed up for a fun night out!

Option #1

Faux Fur Jacket + Black Dress + Bright Color Heels

Faux Fur Jacket / Black Dress / Bright Color Heels

I did something kind of obvious here and I added some red shoes because it’s Valentine’s Day, but you can definitely also add some pink shoes or any colorful shoe that goes with the black dress. If you’re not feeling the bright heels you can also opt for a classic black heel.  If it’s chilly, which for most of us this time of year it is, you could add a faux fur jacket on top to finish off the look.

Option #2

Black Cardigan + Black Dress + Leopard Heels

Black Cardigan / Black Dress / Leopard Heels

Let’s say you have to go into the office on Valentine’s Day before date night. All you have to do is throw on a black cardigan and some leopard heels to make it office-appropriate, easy as that! That’s what I love about an LBD. It has so much versatility and you can dress it up or dress it down. You could also wear ankle boots with this look and it would be super cute that way too.

Option #3

Moto Jacket + Black Dress + Black Ankle Boots

Moto Jacket / Black Dress / Black Ankle Boots

We’re going a little bit edgy with our LBG on this third look. I put on my black ankle boots and my black leather moto jacket. For this particular dress, I love how the feminine lace peeks out at the bottom with a little bit of the toughness from the leather added in. This is a super cute look that you can definitely rock for Valentine’s Day.

What look was your favorite? Be sure to tell me in the comments and tell me also what you’re planning to wear for your Valentine’s Day night.

Click below to see my full Ways to Wear It – LBD video!