Pretty Fix – The February List

Hi Pretties! It’s Pretty Fix time again and this month I’m featuring what I call a trendy classic. I know, it sounds like an oxymoron. However, a trendy classic is something that you can wea year after year and season after season, but then, there are those times where it makes a big splash and that item can be seen everywhere. In this case, the trendy classic I’m referring to the houndstooth print! Although timeless, I’m currently seeing this print on overload in everything from jackets and blazers to sweaters, blouses, pants and even shoes and in varying sizes and colors. I still prefer the clean, classic black and white print because it pairs well with any color.

I have to admit though, I knew after seeing all the fabulous houndstooth printed items that this had to be February’s Pretty Fix, however picking what item to actually feature the print was harder than I thought, I love it all! After much deliberation, I decided to opt for the print on top. Even then there are many variations whether you choose a light blouse, cardigan or sweater. But that’s the beauty of it, no matter what your climate or whether you’re looking to dress it up or dress it down, the perfect houndstooth printed top is out there.

And if you happen to be wondering what the Pretty Fix even is, it’s my recommendation of six pieces you can buy to stay on trend each month. You get to shop where you want (possibly even your closet) and spend what you want! It’s that easy!



1. Black Trench Coat

A black trench is a classic closet staple that is perfect heading into spring and pairs beautifully with the houndstooth. If it’s still pretty cold where you live easily swap out the trench with either a black peacoat or moto jacket. For more options, this look would also pair perfectly with a black cardigan.



2. Pearl Earrings

This is another example of a classic that’s making a huge comeback going into the spring. Pearls are popping up everywhere again and I love seeing the different ways that designers are incorporating them.



3. Houndstooth Blouse

The star of this look is the houndstooth blouse. This particular blouse has a variated houndstooth pattern giving it a little more of an updated look and looks great with either a full tuck or a half tuck.



4. Bright Handbag

A bright pop of color is a great way to enhance not only this look but your mood as well. Winter can be a little colorless and sunless depending on where you live and adding color to your outfit can actually make you happier. I picked this beautiful red handbag because it made me smile. However, this outfit has a neutral base which makes the color pairings endless so choose the color that makes you smile the most!



5. Distressed Skinny Jeans

Distressed jeans are big for the coming season but the key is finding just the right amount of distress that you feel comfortable wearing. This particular pair has just a few distressed spots and none of them to down to the skin. If distressed jeans are not your thing, a simple pair of medium to dark wash skinny jeans will work perfectly!



6. Bright Flats

Just like with the handbag, this outfit is perfectly paired with pops of color! I love these red flats but you can also pair this outfit with a set of black or metallic flats or even black ankle boots if it’s not warm enough for flats yet.



Bonus: Additional Houndstooth Finds

What I love about the houndstooth pattern is that it comes in varying sizes, varying colors and it looks great on so many different clothing items. Below are some other fun items I found that carry this classic and trendy print!



Your turn! What’s your favorite part of this look? Will houndstooth be finding its way into your closet this season?