Wedding Outfit Style Guide

by Jessica Pigza

Wedding season is here and chances are most of us have at least one wedding to attend this summer if not more. Weddings are fun, romantic and a perfect time to step beyond our daily attire and really dress things up. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use some closet staples to either dress it up or dress it down depending on the vibe of the wedding.

With a few simple changes, you can give most dresses dual purpose. Whether it’s a backyard wedding or something more formal, these wedding basics are sure to help you look and feel your best. Below I’ve taken some versatile dresses and paired them with some closet staples, as well as paired some closet staple dresses with some fun trends. The possibilities are endless and they’re sure to keep you looking fresh and new no matter how many weddings you’ll attend this summer.

Casual Wedding

For a more casual wedding atmosphere, most dresses can be dressed down with a neutral cardigan or even a denim jacket depending on how dressed down you want to go. Select a pair of flats or low wedges and add some simple jewelry. You can finish off the look with a small wristlet or clutch. Check out some of these casual looks below.

Lace Dress / Denim Jacket / Metallic Flats / Straw Clutch / Gold Hoop Earrings / Gold Bracelet

Navy Dress / Neutral Cardigan / Metallic Flats / Straw Wristlet / Gold Hoop Earrings / Gold Bracelet

Classic Wedding

For a classic wedding look, I suggest either going for a simple dress and opt for jewelry that’s has a little more sparkle or choose a dress that has more interest in design and wear jewelry that is more on the dainty side. You can also either add the cardigan or subtract it depending on your dress. If your dress is a bit on the fancy side, I recommend adding the cardigan to tone it down. Check out the below style combinations.

Lace Dress / Neutral Cardigan / Metallic Wristlet / Metallic Wedges / Gold Hoop Earrings / Gold Bracelet

Navy Dress / Nude Heel / Bright Purse / Statement Earrings / Crystal Bracelet

Floral Dress / Nude Heel / Nude Clutch / Gold Bracelet / Stud Earrings

Formal Wedding

Typically weddings held in the evening are considered to be a bit more formal so for this look lose the cardigan and add a delicate shawl or scarf to create a softer look. Then amp up your jewelry with something that sparkles and add a statement necklace. Shop your closet for a strappy heel that’s either metallic, nude or even a print and finish off with a small clutch.

Lace Dress / Scarf / Strappy Heels / Clutch / Statement Earrings / Crystal Bracelet

Floral Dress / Nude Heel / Sequin Clutch / Statement Necklace / Crystal Bracelet / Stud Earrings

Bonus: The Little Black Dress – Sort of

This is my take on the little black dress, the black jumpsuit! This can easily be dressed up or dressed down, perfect for any age or size and a fantastic option if you don’t feel like wearing a dress.

Black Jumpsuit / Neutral Cardigan / Snake Print Flats / Gold Hoop Earrings / Gold Bracelet / Snake Print Clutch

Black Jumpsuit / Chiffon Shawl / Snake Print Heels / Statement Necklace / Stud Earrings / Crystal Bracelet / Snake Print Clutch

Want some more dress options? The dresses below will pair up well with any of the accessory combinations shown above and I’ve also included a few maternity dresses for our lovely ladies that may be expecting this summer. As always, don’t forget to shop your closet first, you may be surprised by what you may find! Now it’s time to toast the happy couple!