What Dads Really Want for Father’s Day

My sweet hubby is one of the easiest people to please that I know.  He’d much rather give and serve than receive.  He’s actually uncomfortable with others doing for him.  That’s why I always look forward to his birthday and holidays because he has to accept our gestures of love through gifts!

We try to make Father’s Day a really special occasion.  Because he won’t come right out and tell us what he wants, I have to be super observant in the months before so I can pick up on his cues.  I think I did really good this year!

[Burberry Touch/Black & Decker Cordless Drill/Reef Flip Flops/Nike Air Max/Fitbit Flex]

So what do men really want for Father’s Day?  They want manly stuff, of course!  It took me many years of our marriage to finally figure this out.  I can make my hubby pretty happy if I get him some kind of tool or gadget.  This year’s list has both – a new Black and Decker cordless drill (to replace his broken one) and a Fitbit Flex to track his workouts.  The Fitbit syncs with his iPhone so he can geek out in gadget heaven.

I also included cologne on his list because A.  he’s almost out of his and B.  it’s something he wouldn’t buy for himself.  His signature scent is Burberry Touch – it’s light and clean and makes him smell oh so yummy.  That’s sort of a gift for me too.  🙂

No gift list for him would be complete without running shoes.  He goes through a few pairs a year and has been hinting that it’s time for some new ones.  I just got some bright orange shoes for myself and know that he would love a pair in the same color.  His favorite running shoes are the Nike Air Max.

Then there’s the Reef flip flops.  Ugh.  He loves them, I hate them.  Call me weird but I’m not a fan of men in flip flops.  I, on the other hand, live in my Reefs year-round.  Double standard?  Yep!  Totally unfair, I know.  But because I love him, I not only tolerate his flip flop affinity but also enable it.

It’s Your Turn:  What’s on your man’s Father’s Day wish list?  Does he come out and tell you or do you have to be a sleuth?  Tell me in the comments!