Yes, You CAN Wear White Pants

by Jill Riley

There are three big questions that always seem to start the conversation around white pants: when can you start wearing white pants, can you keep white pants clean and will white pants really work for my size? All of these questions create a fear of white pants and can make this a polarizing piece of clothing. In the GYPO community, women are pushing the boundaries of their comfort zone all the time. Growing the confidence to try things they wouldn’t have in the past gives these women an opportunity to create a style all their own… and this is one wardrobe piece that usually ends up becoming a favorite closet staple. In this post, we want to tackle these questions head-on, our hope is to make it a little easier to take the first step in giving white pants a try.

Question 1: When can you start wearing white pants?

There is something empowering about challenging ideas of the past. Which white pants rule have you been following “just because” you heard it somewhere?

Take a minute to think about the reason for the rule. If you can’t find a good one, maybe it’s time to replace it with a new idea of what white pants might add to your closet.

These outfits from past season of Outfit Formulas® prove that white pants can really work any time of year.


Spring 2018 Capsule Wardrobe / Summer 2018 Capsule Wardrobe / Winter 2020 Capsule Wardrobe

Jessica says:

Before: “I can’t do that, I will get something on them or it’s after Labor Day that’s a no-no.” 

Now: “Love them!”

when can you start wearing white pants

Question 2: Can you keep white pants clean?

This is the question that had always stopped me from jumping into white pants, I tend to spill things quite a bit.

I searched through the Summer 2018 Capsule Wardrobe Facebook Community (one of the perks of joining a seasonal challenge) and found that there was a lot of advice on how to clean white pants when a stain does happen.

Everything was mentioned from commercial stain cleaners to homemade solutions. Carbona Color Run Remover and OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover were both well-loved products. Treating the stain with toothpaste, baking soda, hairspray, hand sanitizer, OR rubbing alcohol are some methods that have worked for a lot of the members. The tip I found to be most helpful is to treat the stain and then wash and rewash until the stain is gone, without drying between washes.

Julia says:

Before, “I can’t keep them clean.” 

Now, “I love them and CAN keep them clean.”

Tina says:

Before, “After suffering severe anxiety over keeping my whites clean all through nursing school I never considered them as an option!”

Now, “Love them, especially now that they make stain-resistant ones!”

Cindy says:

Before, “I figured they would be like any other jean… then I saw them on me and felt like they showed my every flaw. I was also afraid because I am a frequent spiller.”

Now, “I feel confident. I spent a lot of time finding the right fit. I got the right undies and a lot of compliments to help out too! Now I just wear them confidently and appreciate their unique fit!”

When can you start wearing white pants

Julia / Tina / Cindy

Question 3: Will white pants work for my size?

This question is such a good one. The thickness of the fabric and the amount of stretch will make a difference in how the white pants you choose will look and feel. Try different underwear and be patient. This piece is such a wonderful addition to your closet, it’s worth putting the effort in to find just the right pair of white pants.

Michell says:

Before, “White pants made me super nervous! I’m plus size and had in my mind that white or light colored pants would just make me look bigger. Plus I thought I would get them stained or dirty!”

Now, “White pants are probably my favorite piece from the summer. They have been my “go-to” pant this season! I don’t think I’ve worn black pants hardly any at all this summer (and those were a staple for me!!) I now see white pants don’t make me “look” bigger if they are a flattering cut & fit. I’ve also got over my fear of them becoming stained or dirty – that’s what Shout is for – LOL!!”

Stacy says:

Before, “It took some getting used to. Initially, I pictured baggy, elastic waist pants that my grandma might wear. And then, of course, worried about white being plus size.” 

Now, “Honestly, they are one of my favorite pairs of pants. They are so versatile and the fit I chose is perfect for my body. And just bleach them if they get dirty!”

Joyce says:

Before, “It was scary! I believed white on the bottom would make me look huge.”

Now, “I love them!”

When can you start wearing white pants size

Michell / Stacy / Joyce

Do you have a tip for buying or wearing white pants?

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