Products that Saved Our Beach Hair

by Jessica Pigza

School is just around the corner which means if you’re anything like my family, we are trying to squeeze our last bits of fun out of summer. For us that included taking a last minute road trip to the beach. We enjoyed the sand and sun and the hotel even had a pool. I’m pretty sure the kids spent more time wet than dry. Between my daughters’ hair and my own, this gave me an excellent opportunity to try out some new products to help fight the damaging effects of the salt and chlorine. Below are the products that saved our hair at the beach!

Note: Let me preface this by saying my hair is long, and I have a thick, coarser strand. My oldest daughter has long, baby fine hair which tangles easily and my youngest daughter, while her hair is a fine strand, she has a ton of it.

1. Dove Nourishing Rituals Shampoo Conditioner

Dove Nourishing Rituals Shampoo Repairing Ritual Dove Nourishing Rituals Conditioner Repairing Ritual

The first day of our trip the girls left their hair down while I wore mine in a high, messy bun and it made for a tangled mess after a day in the water. The goggle straps didn’t help this mess either. Once I finally got our hair free I used Dove Nourishing Rituals Shampoo Repairing Ritual Dove Nourishing Rituals Conditioner Repairing Ritual to help clean the salt and chlorine away and work out the tangles. In addition to having a great smell, it really helped take a mangled mess of hair and make it brushable again. This worked beautifully in all our hair.

2. Regis Designline Olive Oil EVOO Leave-In Lite 

Regis Designline Olive Oil EVOO Leave-In Lite

To help work out any remaining tangles I tried Regis Designline Olive Oil EVOO Leave-In Lite. This worked equally amazing for all of us. I was able to easily get a brush through our hair and it didn’t feel greasy. It too had a great smell. Normally I wouldn’t use a conditioner in the shower plus a leave in conditioner, but given the harsh circumstances our hair was currently going through, it’s helped bring it back to life.

3. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair and Body Moisturizer

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair and Body Moisturizer

After another fun-filled day in the water, I decided to try Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair and Body Moisturizer to help tame residual tangles. On my daughter’s fine hair it did leave it a little heavy feeling, but the fact that she didn’t cry when I brushed her hair means I will totally be using this again. I also feel like it added an extra layer of protection when we hit the water the next day. While this may not be an everyday use product, it’s great to help restore moisture.

4. Buff UV Headband & Headwraps

Buff UV Headband in Poppis

By the fourth day, I was over getting my hair wet and the windblown look was continuing to cause tangles in those baby fine hairs around my face. To combat this I turned to my favorite headband/headwrap made by Buff. They come in an array of beautiful colors and styles and depending on the length you get, can be worn in many different ways. They also stay secure without giving me a headache which is a major bonus since I’m prone to headaches. The fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking so I didn’t feel hot.

5. Braids

Okay, so this technically isn’t a product but this made such a difference in helping our hair this trip. As I mentioned earlier the first few days we wore our hair down or in a messy bun. It led to a tangled mess. Finally, I got smarter and braided our hair before we hit the water. My favorite is the inside-out french braid (thank you YouTube). It kept all our hair out of our faces. Then when it was time to wash up, I rinsed the hair before undoing the braids. We didn’t encounter any tangles which made both momma and girls quite happy!

Hint: Before going to the beach or pool, completely saturate hair with clean water. Think of hair like a sponge, by thoroughly wetting hair with clean water before, you can keep the absorption of salt and chlorine to a minimum.

Your turn! What are some of your favorite ways to combat the effects of salt and chlorine on your hair?