April 17, 2017 - Easy Outfits, SAHMonday, Style

SAHMonday: Pete and Repeat

Remember Pete and Repeat from when we were kids?  Well that’s what I feel like sometimes when I walk into my closet. When you truly live with a capsule wardrobe, you get the most out of your pieces and sometimes it can feel a little monotonous. I almost didn’t post this outfit again because you’ve seen it before.  But I’m keeping it real because when I buy new clothes, I wear and use them…A LOT.

My philosophy is that you’ll probably find it more helpful to see the same pieces styled in different ways than for me to feature a new “something” for you to buy every week. The fact is, I’d go absolutely broke if I featured new pieces in my outfits every SAHMonday and you’d go broke buying them.  So to save us both money, you’ll see my pieces reused.  🙂

In all fairness though, these jeans are new.  Yes, they look a lot like my other pair of frayed hem jeans but they’re a more fitted version.

This is what I wore to visit my gynecologist last week to get my hormone pellet replaced (lots of TMI in that sentence!)  In the past 10 years that I’ve been going to her, she’s only seen me in real clothes (not yoga pants) a handful of times. I’m sure she seriously doubts that I have anything to do with style!  So I decided to actually get dressed this time.  It’s so nice to have easy go-to outfits in my closet that make it easy to get dressed, even if I have worn them a bazillion times before.


[Bell Sleeve Top (Sold Out) Similar/Frayed Hem Jeans/Tassel Necklace/Wrist Scarf/Gold Sandals]


Well, hello there booty!  This is the first time I’ve ever posted a pic of my backside but these jeans made it possible. Gravity has been having a field day back there the past few years.  I seriously love how these jeans lift and hold me in.  (For reference, if between sizes, order a size down.) 


When I got home from the doctor, I immediately changed into my favorite gray tee to get busy cleaning and organizing my closet (you can see some of the carnage on my bed in this pic).  My quarterly closet cleanse was WAY overdue. I hoped to have it done before the Spring 2017 GYPO Style Challenge got underway.  But alas, I’m running behind per usual.


I wanted to continue wearing my bandana scarf but have it out of the way while I cleaned and organized, so I tied it off to the side in the belt loops of my jeans. Perfect solution!  (In case you missed it, I did a live tutorial last week on my Facebook page demo’ing how to tie your scarf like this and six other ways, you can check it out HERE.)


[Gray Tee/Frayed Hem Jeans/Floral Scarf/Gold Sandals]

As for the finished product on my closet?  Well, it’s not exactly Pinterest-worthy but it is cleaned out, organized and ready for spring and summer!  Go me!




My hubby installed this peel and stick wallpaper above the shelf in my jewelry/accessories area.  I love how it turned out!


Show me YOUR SAHMonday outfit!  Tag me on Instagram and use the hashtag #SAHMonday.

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  • Stacey Keeling

    Perfect outfits! The scarf tied on your belt loop is so cute. What a great idea.

    Alison, I received the scarf that I won in your give away just a few days ago. It is absolutely beautiful! A work of art. Thank you so much for such a beautiful item to wear all spring and summer.

    • Thank you Stacey! You should post a pic on Facebook of your scarf tied on your belt loop too!!
      You are very welcome. I am so happy you love it! 🙂

  • Jennifer Hoffman

    I LOVE that you rewear things! So many style bloggers show pics shopping at nordstrom every other day. As I am trying to start my own style instablog, there is no way I could keep up with that, and it’s not realistic for the everyday person. Keep keepin it real girlfriend! And I love your closet!! It’s totally Pinterest worthy!!

    • Elizabeth Pennington


    • Thanks for your sweet comments Jennifer. I think we would all enjoy shopping for new clothes everyday, but it is more realistic to wear them a lot. 🙂

  • Elizabeth Pennington

    Um, I think that closet is more than Pinterest worthy! It’s real and functional, and still gorgeous! Wow. Off to clean my closet now…

  • Your scarf looks adorable tied on your jeans like that!!! Love it! (and your closet looks amazing! I need to get in there and do mine)

    • I’m so glad you love it Lisa. I hope you try it soon too. Thank you! I wish you luck on the closet. 🙂

  • You look amazing in those jeans! I need to check those out…could definitely use some lift back there! Ha!

    More to Mrs. E

  • Those jeans were made for you, so pretty! And that top is pretty great too.

  • Love that basic grey t outfit!

  • I love that bell sleeve top! So easy for casual but chic outfits!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  • Jumi A

    You always look so nice and I can’t believe how clean and organized your closet it. I seriously need to declutter

  • Tamara Rook

    I love your closet organization! I need to organize my accessories so that I can see everything so I’m going to copy you. Did you use wallpaper or fabric for the background. I love it… <3

    • Thanks Tamara! It’s a peel and stick wallpaper from Target! I added a link to it in the post above but you can find it here: http://bit.ly/2oZA1Nn

      My husband put it up. Getting the measurements exactly right was a bit tricky but I love how it turned out!

      • Tamara Rook

        Thank you!

  • Amy

    Where did you get the holder for your bracelets?

  • Your striped top is really pretty, I love the sleeves. The red tassel necklace looks great with it. Your closet looks very organised – I’m impressed! The room I use as a dressing room is always a complete mess! Thanks for linking up 🙂

    Emma xxx

  • Denise Sherrill

    Where did you get your jewelry stands and the cute white necklace frame?